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      Her fashion designer and stylist should be fired!

      1. Mim at | | Reply

        How would one fire one’s own self?

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    lol….this woman is a clueless. visible underwear, side-boob, top top toe metallic…she has done it all.

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    garish …to the core .but that gave me an idea ..to chop one of my mom’s saree and make a short sexy number out of it …:P

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      Good idea ! but I will encourage you against it — Here is why :

      I once chopped my mom’s silk saree, took the borders, stitched them together and made costumes for my sister’s dolls. The sis worships me for that but I still can hear the “Thaapad kee Gunj” (Echo of the slap – from a movie dialog)..

      We also used to do the similar makeup when we were younger with all white eyeshadow and stuff…The idea was – If you do the makeup then” Dikhna to chahiye” (Should show also)

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        LOL LOL LOL

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        LOL! So cute. :D

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        hehehe ….thankfully …m almost 30 now , and i come home after a year ..so at this point even f i’ll cut my mom’s duppatas and make sarongs , she will be too happy for it …:) ..yea yea ..i knw i am bad ..but then i always like mom’s stuf better than mine .

        and yes …i hav done match much to death ( golden / silver makeup and all )..i cant believe i was just 6 years ago when i used to wear head to toe matching things …:) …and still managed to look kool ..:P

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    At least her chest is in check. Must be thankful for smallish mercies.

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    its surely is WTHeyyyy… but I am absolutely loving the turquoise pendant… ;-)

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      i like how some people can simply focus on the good among the mess! i would never have thought of writing about the pendant considering the outfit blinded me! the pendant is indeed gorgeous but not sure about the colour of chain.

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        he he he…actually with repeat offenders its not hard… its harder to notice the of

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    this looks like a cheap tourist outfit…

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    EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! ick ick ick!!!!
    don’t know where to start with this.. the list goes on and on…

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    she has a good body..but it gets lost in that clownish dress….sunita please hire a new stylist.

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    This would have worked if it was a short dress and the bottom blue part was totally not there. I would like these colours on a short dress.

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    guess I`m the only one who doesn’t think of this as a wthey… i’ve done things like this in the past..converted my mom’s sarees into dresses and what not…

    1. preetidutta at | | Reply

      me too …and the results are outstanding :)

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    this wud have looked cute if the dress was short. shes a lovely lady!

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    why do people think that they can take any traditional indian fabric and make a western outfit from it … and it would work the indo-western fashionable look (which is currently so trendy here in the west… and in india)

    the formula isnt THAT simple

    you still need to keep in mind the asthetic appeal of the entire garment… and this garment has NONE at all…

    who designed this junk!

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    janpath janpath janpath…that’s all i can think of…this is oen of those ugly dresses the janpath fellows conjure up to sell to hapless clueless tourists!!!

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    She is wearing a Hologram Dress Guys !!

    pahaha pahaha

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    Wt’s this new obsession with Asian waitress’ dresses. First Rani gives us Chinese and now Sunita gives us Thai!

    I too think it could have worked as a short dress with no blue.

    1. Ana at | | Reply

      Thai waitress, lol.

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    Hated every thing about Sunitas Dress and makeup and accessories…. but the comments were really creative and enjoyed reading them!!!

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    This might( a very big might) have worked if the dress was shorter?The make is even more awful

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    Aiyayayaooooooooo… I think she converted this from a saree she wanted to throw away..

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