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Celina’s sari might have been right on trend, but this tiger-print just isn’t working. The print is much too crowded and the orange (as much as we love orange) much too jarring.


Celina Jaitely At ‘IIFA, 2010’ Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think its fabulous on her !! Its a nice contrast and precisely because the print is so crowded, it doesnt hit you so hard that its actually a animal print. I love the colours !

  2. i think she looks good. actually she looks fierce. p and p, what’s going on? first you belittle lovely deepika and now celina, you guys need a vacation :-).

  3. She looks hideous and tacky. And the make up is so over the top. Her hair is the same as usual. She looks so monotonous all the time. Such a shame for such a pretty girl!

  4. Jungle Jane tries her hand at being a cocktail waitress, and moonlights as a hamster for an out-of-business cosmetic manufacturer?

    Woman, make up your mind already!

    PS: The BMC just sent you a thank you note and some detergent to take that pavement muck off your pallu.

    • I agree ! I think the saree looks quite good on her.. I don’t know if I can pull it off though…I am not a big fan of animal prints but Celina looks quite good here…

  5. Not everyone can make such a bright orange work – I think shez able to makes the saree work. I don’t like her makeup though – never have! Neck down, I like the look, neck up – NO!

  6. sari is awesome- draconian make-up, eyes and hair need to go. shes always sporting the plastic blue eyes ringed with war paint, powdered pale face and dyed ironed out hair.

  7. crouching tiger… hidden dragon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    the saree without the orange border would be nice. i call them “kitty party” sarees … and without the orange border this would be a perfect “kitty party” saree.

    and before anyone jumps on me… im a proud kitty partygoer myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    she does need to go easy on the make up…

    she’s had the same hair for the last 10years or so…! time for a change baby!

  8. The shape of the blouse is so Manish Malhotra-ish. Any idea who the designer is?

    Btw. I think she she carries this look off really well. Minus the makeup & the contacts she looks great.

  9. I don’t particularly like her makeup either, just like I don’t like Rekha’s makeup a lot of the time but they both have distinctive looks and come across very “star” /diva like. I love her sari I think she looks really good in it, I think the print is awesome it doesn’t hit you that it’s a tiger print

  10. Actually, it works. I would change the blouse though. The border can be more matt. She carries it off well. her face comes across as very ‘hard’, maybe its the lenses


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