Shoe Spotting!


Fuschia happens to be one of my favorite colors I and love how the color looks on Sophie.

Fuschia paired with black is a combination am slowly warming up to. Like the Sergio Rossi sandals?

Update: Thanks ‘rina’ for the dress tip-off.


Sophie Chaudhary At ‘Daddy Cool’ Promotional Event


Left: Sophie Chaudhary At ‘Daddy Cool’ Promotional Event
Right: Missoni Sweater Dress


Sergio Rossi Shoes

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. It’s one of my fav colour too! Absolutely love it on Sophie. She’s such a stylish girl. Pnp can you ID the dress. Adore the dress and the shoes!!

  2. lovely dress and colour…although I don’t like sophie that much…I must say that this is quite a winner…even the shoes are nice!

  3. Finally straight legs…looks like she read my comment…LOL….lovely color btw..
    Where do these small time actresses get the moolah to spend on these expensive brands???

  4. Dress Missoni. Glasses not sure but i think they are chanel? (Help PnP) She looks really well put together here and very very pretty and feminine. I actually think she is looking her best now!!

    • Thanks Rina for IDing… PnP, Please help ID the Glasses. I am dying to own one such and any pointers are welcome. Thanks.

  5. i think wth time Sophie is really getting better. I came across an interview…Did u guys know that she is from a really well to do business family in london?

  6. OMG I love this look!! I love the color, the fitting, the cutsie dress…the sleeves!
    Not a fan of those shoes in particular but the whole look is very nice.


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