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  1. Seeta at | | Reply

    Now this is more like it. Love. As you said, it screams Sonam.

  2. Bsimple at | | Reply

    See? Clean lines suit her, she should avoid Afro-hairstyles, poufy silhoutes…totally ruined her red carpet run otherwise! Imagine her in sleek Versace silhouttes with sleek hairstyles! She would have rocked the RC then!

  3. Bsimple at | | Reply


    1. Trina at | | Reply

      still wrong…lol…

  4. liza at | | Reply

    she looks so rural

  5. Anu C at | | Reply

    She looks good but the skirt (or dress – can’t tell) fits weird around her waist.

  6. tina at | | Reply

    This looks so much better than the red carpet disasters. At least you can see her face and not just 10 layers of ugly make-up.

  7. Aditi at | | Reply

    cute outfit, but nothing over the top, barely any makeup, natural hair. Its nice seeing her like this when what u usually see is over the top fashion, glamorous or dark makeup and done up hair. she has such a perfect face and body for fashion. she always comments on her body not being perfect, which its not. but personally i think being tall slim with big boobs and a butt with no other curves is just unnatural. shes tall slim but has some curves throughout her body. shes not “perfect” but I dont think anyone in bollywood embraces their beauty better. she has a confidence that other sex symbols just try to copy. with her its natural, its real, its sonam.

    1. yoda at | | Reply

      well, i can feel the love tonight.

      1. rs at | | Reply

        hehe! some fan! :)

    2. Siren at | | Reply

      Hi Sonam!

  8. Payal at | | Reply

    This is amazing. Nothing in your face. Just simple and elegant. Love this!

  9. yoda at | | Reply

    this is natural, but its also boring.

  10. Veethi at | | Reply

    and she is back…even though not with a bang..i still love this one..its wayyyy better than her other Cannes appearances :)

  11. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I like this look, love the odd combination of the sweater/skirt and yellow RV shoes. No idea why sonam thinks she must always do something different with her hair, love that she has left it open/natural with minimal make up

  12. just me at | | Reply

    So Sonam gives such meh looks one after the other that when she gives one that isn’t as gaudy/loud, this quite ordinary look is suddenly ‘Great’!?

    And I have no idea what a look that “screams Sonam” would look like because she has not shown any distinct/strong personality in her fashion choices (till date). Imo, no matter whether I like some of her looks or not, the more I see of her the more I’m convinced she’s just this pretty girl with a nice smile, who has access to a lot of designer clothes and accessories and who can dutifully execute whatever is her stylists’ vision. Perhaps some other celebs whom I consider as having a distinct and personal ‘look’ might also be just a product of a style team – I know none of them personally so I can’t say – but they definitely do a much more convincing job of having a signature style.

    1. Rajvi at | | Reply

      Totally agree.. I dunno where did “the look that screams sonam” came from.. cos for me there is nothing that she does distinctly as she’s always experimenting with new looks..there are a lot of other actresses that come to my mind who have individualistic looks like Kangana, neha, Dia or for that matter even Vidya and Priyanka but def not Sonam..

      1. elyas at | | Reply

        honestly, the reason she wears that much makeup and wears all these fancy clothes is because she looks dull and ordinary without it.
        there are people who can look good while keeping it simple (dia and kalki), but she isn’t one of them.

    2. Paroma at | | Reply

      Totally agree…don’t see her personality coming through

    3. Adara at | | Reply

      *clap,clap* You said it, just me!

    4. Heaven at | | Reply

      Well said … she has no sense of style .. just enough money to buy designer clothes. And without the tonnes of make-up, she is just an ordinary looking girl .. possibly the reason why she tries to portray herself as a fashionista (which is she is ooh so not!!!)

      1. s at | | Reply

        Its fine to criticize her sense of style but to attack her looks and call her just an ‘ordinary looking’girl is way out of line. She’s very pretty, she just doesn’t have the trout pout and artifically scuplted nose that all Bollywood actresses sport these days. Sadly naturally pretty women are considered inferior to plastically pretty women these days.

        1. Renu at | | Reply

          I second…She has that natural pretty face & she is fine to play with it, rather mould it according to the business needs of being hot, sexy or whatsoever!

  13. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    She looks good here.

  14. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    Very nice. Although I don’t see anyone else being able to carry it off. Love the shoes. And yes, the fit does seem a bit off at the waist.

  15. Diva at | | Reply

    She looks adorable

  16. aura at | | Reply

    how is this look great? its a normal appearance, nothing wowy about it… its actually a dissapointment given that the location is cannes and that sonam is always so ” i am here to make a fashion statement ” even when she steps out of her house in India….. tad lacklustre:(

    1. Siren at | | Reply

      Seriously, this is a cookie cutter look – tons of girls in malls look like this :/

  17. Eesha at | | Reply

    Love it! She has to realize that simple is better in her case. Only Kangana and Priyanka can do edgy.

    1. annie at | | Reply

      priyanka? chopra? edgy? i’m sure you meant someone else.

      1. Eesha at | | Reply

        I know she doesn’t do edgy in her own life but she does in editorials and magazine spreads.

  18. pegasusbaby at | | Reply

    Only thing she wore this year (At cannes) that I liked. She looks beautiful.

  19. SS at | | Reply

    love the shoes. that’s all. nothing else stands out for me.

  20. Adara at | | Reply

    Shoes are great! The skirt seems off on the waist area. She does look better without that bad makeup she seems to favor and the hair more relaxed.

  21. slc at | | Reply

    Fun pieces and she looks great. Cute shoes!

  22. Sabita at | | Reply

    I like them individually and the fit of the skirt is not sitting well on her…

  23. tosh at | | Reply

    those are some fugly shoes!

  24. nandso at | | Reply

    the shoes made the outfit, without them blah and ill fitting

  25. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    If you have seen her during Saawariya promotion you would know this is a very Sonam look- straight open hair, big earrings and simple cut clothes with that big smile. But she has experimented since then a lot!

  26. Lalitha at | | Reply

    In general I do not like Marni; give this, I will say that she is carrying off the look. However, she could have done better and chosen a different label. Her Cannes appearances have been kinda underwhelming…maybe I was expecting too much from our Bollywood faashionista! Kangaga is someone I would like to see on the Cannes carpet next year!

  27. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    nice, but just that!!! nothing great about the look…. love the shoes, though

  28. Saki at | | Reply

    a simple, relaxed look. the ends of her hair seem rough and tangled.

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