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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Is it me only or she is really looking like she used to look few years back?

  2. Ahot at | | Reply

    Love that she went demure for her standards on this one! A refreshing change of pace. Seems like she was not really in the mood to go out, so she kept it simple. (as simple as Elie Saab can be, lol)
    She looks like she is still a bit under the weather, doesn’t she?

    Off Topic: I often think that your partner should provide better pics of the events, P& P. Because on other sites, they often have better pics with better angles & resolution. The problem is, when the pics are so so, they impact the way the looks are perceived.

  3. slc at | | Reply

    The gown’s ok. The whole look is ok. I tend to enjoy Sonam’s style but I’m bored today.

  4. roni at | | Reply

    Preferred if the scarf was ditched.

  5. jadine at | | Reply

    The earrings are so conventional, they take away from the look. Wish her hair was up too.

  6. Amu at | | Reply

    Now we know she has been selling all her other outfits to using her million dollar smile :)…. Take that away and everything falls flat

  7. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I don’t care if the make up artist is her best friend but professionally she needs to part with her because make up artiste does not do justice to her beautiful face. Sonam needs to really let her go!!

  8. S at | | Reply

    Earrings, hair style and the weird looking shawl makes this look outdated.

    1. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

      Agree. Its a totally dated look!

  9. Ranij at | | Reply

    Great colour but hate the scarf and the makeup

  10. Mehnaz at | | Reply

    This looks a little dated to me… Not impressed!
    She looks like her younger self

  11. anna at | | Reply

    With that cousin-of-a-dupatta, this gown looks like an NRI-cousin-of-an-anarkali :P

    i agree, she seems disinterested to be out and about

  12. Tania at | | Reply

    Can’t believe that’s an Elie Saab. Looks sot acky. Straight out of a 90s bollywood movie.
    Same goes for sonam. Not impressed

  13. priya at | | Reply

    horrible make up. great color. the scarf needed to be ditched as well. is it just me or does she totally look like Anu Agarwal in these pics?

  14. ruru at | | Reply

    Fed up of seeing this type of gowns, even though it’s Elie Saab.

  15. sahana at | | Reply

    aah thats a pocket!! completely spoils the lower part of the dress …

  16. Vysh at | | Reply

    Are we looking at the same thing? This looks like it belongs in the film Mohabattein. Nowhere close to a 10 with or without the eyeshadow.

  17. Debbie at | | Reply

    She looks tired and pretty worn out…also the makeup is ashen. Waiting for Sonam to bring her A game back soon. Didn’t think much about many of her recent appearances.

  18. Reena at | | Reply

    I actually like this look even though its not fashion forward.

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