1. When she does get it right, boy, it’s RIGHT! Love the whole look, including the make up which usually spoils things for me, when it comes to Sonam. A 10/10 appearance.

  2. Its allright. Don’t like the hair or the clutch. It borders on looking costumey than a complete outfit because of the hair!

  3. Is it just me or does anyone else gets reminded of a 1000 wala cracker when they see this saree?! Also, feels like she s wearing a wall art for a blouse :D BUT she does manage to look pretty!

  4. Undoubtedly she looks lovey but anyone else think she should go a litlle easier on the makeup and coiffed hair? Too much for someone so young? Wouldnt mixing itt up with a fresher look ber nice

  5. Too costumey for me, but I love that she feels the saree merits attn. Most others live in western wear. And with her sense of style she could do it forever and not repeat a look. Good job, Sonam.


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