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  1. shruti at | | Reply

    She looks fab. Love the understated color.

  2. Violet at | | Reply

    Can’t handle this preposterous ensemble unleashed upon us. Woman! Class up your act

  3. km at | | Reply

    thats a Mcqueen cosmetic case she’s carrying in her hand!!! why would she do that? the outfit is nice though..

  4. Monik at | | Reply

    Is hubby wearing jeans? To a *sangeet ceremony*?

  5. arunima at | | Reply

    Knowing when to stop is a fine art. But then, that comes with class. Then there’s the serious risk of entering tacky land. Happily the green, gold, maroon with several textures, stone, leather, zari, net, gold, diamond, colors, ruby, emerald, enters the same with a huge purple accessory eagerly jumping in.

    1. Fashion_Kitty at | | Reply

      Best .comment .ever.

    2. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply


  6. Amodini at | | Reply

    Nice outfit. Although so much of that green just brings down the look. She looks so try-hard here.

  7. maya at | | Reply

    Not a miss at the Tackyland, she will fit in perfectly with everyone else there.

  8. urvi at | | Reply

    that jewellery is very garish

  9. Mala at | | Reply

    The green highlights are ghastly

  10. Sahara at | | Reply

    Shilpa it’s not working , the attempt to use pop colours.
    It’s hideous.

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