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  1. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Sridevi looks just a wee bit frumpy. maybe she could have amped it up just a bit. She’s usually dressed so well!

  2. sherry at | | Reply

    Deepa Mehta looks more chic. Maybe because she brought in alot more spunk with her halter blouse and pixie hair.

  3. Priyanka at | | Reply

    @ Nitika

    Its Deepa Sahi, married to Ketan Mehta, I assumed she also goes by Deepa Mehta, my bad!! You perhaps mistook her for the other filmmaker Deepa Mehta?

  4. the mad momma at | | Reply

    definitely deepa sahi… sridevi looks like any one of the million aunties in delhi wearing nondescript chiffony sarees.

  5. sherry at | | Reply

    oopsy!!! my mistake…..should have addressed her as deepa sahi!

  6. sri at | | Reply

    def deepa sahi..sridevi looks like daughter to boney kapoor..lost too much weight. shes in her 40’s ..u can look 10 yrs younger not 20 yrs younger..

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