Turning The Tables, Part Deux

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Here are designers again, dressed to “so not impress”! Maybe, they just believe in the mantra of “letting their work speak for itself”. 😉

While the above might be true for Neeta Lulla, I am not sure it holds true for Anna!

Neeta Lulla

Anna Singh


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  1. For some reason I always used to get confused with the faces of these two designers but now that Neeta Lulla has gone way ahead with her exquisite designs and fame of course, it’s easy to distinguish. To say that she’s did an amazing job with Jodha akbar’s costumes is an understatement. I mean the woman JUST mesmerized us with her creations. I know Anna Singh designed some costumes for Devdas but she seems to have disappeared from the Limelight these days.

    It is my big dream to wear saarees and churidars made by Neeta Lulla. I think luck too has favored this woman (besides hard work) who along with her husband was in a big dilemma when the beautiful actress Divya Bharti died in the tragic accident. Apparently Neeta and her husband were with Divya in her apartment when she fell from her building.

    Anyways, I’m now looking at my idol Hrithik Roshan and what’s with the jeans? I think it’s too long and the cuts in the front doesn’t suit him well. Other than that, he looks dashing as always.


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