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  1. charan at | | Reply

    Dressed up is an improvement!! But work on ur shoes Raveena… its important.
    Dressed down, naah, its a look we see commonely on streets.

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    I like the first look-the second one is blah. I don’t like the jeans. I don’t like those jeans with that top. Actually the top would’ve worked with another pair of jeans but I don’t see those jeans working on anything.

  3. aman at | | Reply

    she is actually a stunner
    wish her fashion sense improves
    though i loved the kurta……

  4. SS at | | Reply

    Listen I love Raveena Tadon! :) she is one of my first favourites in Bollywood….I dont care what she wears..she can put on a garbage bag and still be a stunner!..love her look!

  5. annie at | | Reply

    Stunner? I think she is still stuck in nineties. She’s never gotten even one outfit right. The black kurta isn’t bad all but with that chappal??? NO!

  6. kitschy gal at | | Reply

    more than the outfit, her makeup/ hair seems so dated in the first pic!

  7. forhhc at | | Reply

    Her face is awesome and her feet ugly and she always wears the same style in footewear which highlights the flaws

  8. spongy at | | Reply

    strange that u cald her a stunner…i totally feel she still stuck inthe 90s wid that kinda makeup n hair…n shes hardly seen in something nice..

  9. shreya at | | Reply

    raveena needs to sort out her foot wear. she should get tips from her peers such as twinkle and karishma.

  10. Sana at | | Reply

    Thanks for these pics!

    She’s looking nice here!! :-)

  11. belle desse at | | Reply

    *sigh* she has to be one of the least stylish people, and I’m not even talking about just among celebrities.
    I’m genuinely curious here, HOW is it possible for the B’wood lot to be surrounded by designers/ couture/ fashion shoots and still get it SO wrong. I mean, cant they honestly get a CLUE from the magazines/ films they were styled for? Or net-a-porter.com, where they obviously buy a lot of their stuff?
    Seriously, when you have access to so much couture, plus fabulous genes, I should think it’s harder to commit a faux paux and easier to look stunning, but I’m obviously wrong!

    1. charan at | | Reply

      Well, what i think is, no matter what and whom you are surrounded by… there are a lot of people out there who are not interested in dressing up/fashion. That includes me most of the days. I like fashion on books, theory, on HHC but i am not going to spend all my money and time to look anything fashionable.
      I just think that Raveen portrays that attitude. She looks like she doesnt give a damn and practically, as a human, i like it. But i guess as a celebrity you take responsibility for yourself and i think she does.
      I know its off topic, I am just trying to figure out why ppl do what they do…

  12. beans at | | Reply

    she is a gorgeous woman no doubt (what a face!) but not exactly blessed with pretty feet (or hands, for that matter)… then why she chooses the kind of footwear that she should be staying away from is beyond my comprehension.

    the kurta looks really nice to me. the short top is nothing special.

  13. Nick at | | Reply

    she needs to disappear and make a better comeback.

    1. bella desse at | | Reply

      LOL. I agree.

  14. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Love the first look-its stunning sans the shoes–those are ALWAYS hideous. Nothing special at all abt the 2nd look-not worth featuring

    1. bella desse at | | Reply

      agree about the second look. I see so many posts on this site featuring women in jeans and tees. Even if it’s from an expensive international brand it’s still not fashion and therefore, not worth featuring.

  15. Gri21 at | | Reply

    Her fourth pic is absolutely stunning…

  16. rubywoo at | | Reply

    Said it before said it again – keep fugly feet covered ! – surely it cant be that difficult?! – I think she is a really pretty girl but her style choices always let her down and her penchant for those god awful toe-post chappals – I wouldn’t even wear them to run errands in or around the house – so why does she insist on wearing such hideous footwear at public events?. Having said all that (ahhh feel much better now) the shalwar kameez combo is very elegant if a tad safe and the jeans are cool but I think very few omen can pull off the kurta over jeans looks despite how popular it is among desi’s.

  17. hamsanat at | | Reply

    I like Raveena cos she does what her heart tells her.

  18. jalilalatif at | | Reply

    RAveena all the way

  19. Ayelet at | | Reply

    First, she is so pretty! Prettier now than her movie days, I think. Maybe she has gotten her makeup right with time.

    Love the kurta. Agree with an earlier comment, her feet are not her good feature. She should wear shoes that help her cause and expose as little as possible.

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