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  1. Ro at | | Reply

    I think Rani looks fab!! Something that I would totally wear!!

    1. KK at | | Reply

      Yeah exactly.
      Rani wins this round!!

  2. swati at | | Reply

    Rani wins this one for me ….

    Shweta looks nice but her outfit is pretty standard – ruffled white shirt with fitted black skirt
    On the other hand, i like the structure of Rani’s skirt. But the beads were not necessary.

  3. Pratik at | | Reply

    Rani is nice looking here

  4. Shopaholic! at | | Reply

    Rani nailed it!! However I think she could have skipped the pearls. Nonetheless,
    way to go gal!

  5. Ragini at | | Reply

    I want to say shweta but i dont like the shoes.. i would like to say rani but i dont like the beads.. *grump!

  6. monika agarwal at | | Reply

    Ruffle shirt on Shweta .
    Rani’s shirt button is abt to pop & I do that liek that necklace, nor the sleeves of that shirt……….what a downgrade from her lovely black saree

  7. Usha at | | Reply

    Loving Rani .One lady who I think has carried off the saree and the skirt look so gracefully.

  8. RK at | | Reply

    Rani looks smart, though nothing outstanding about the look. the pearls try their best to ruin it though. a simple bracelet wud have added more to the outfit. Shweta looks pretty, ordinary.

  9. shruti at | | Reply

    Rani all the way.
    btw is dat rily her?? She is looking fab… so unlike Rani :P

  10. RS at | | Reply

    A perfect 10 for Rani’s figure. Only she can carry off these sober colors.

  11. krishna swetha at | | Reply

    god!!!!!! rani is looking totally faaaaaaabulous!!! for the first time in my life…i’m seeing her so uber-stylish…..well….u know who my vote goes to…..

  12. uumema at | | Reply

    i really like Rani here…i only wish that she did something interesting with her hairs…like a loose side braid or sexy wavy curls.

  13. AS at | | Reply

    Rani looks good but the high waist skirt doesn’t look great on her…overall she looks good.

  14. LB at | | Reply

    of course Rani looks better here.

  15. ZI at | | Reply

    Rani looks stunning

  16. sj at | | Reply

    rani all the way
    except for the slight gathering on her bust area
    i must her her whole turning over an understated leaf thing is such an improvement

  17. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    Even if the ruffled skirt is an eyesore – rani pulls it off fabulously. She looks great, and has a look on her face that says she knows she looks good!!

  18. ritu at | | Reply

    rani this time…..atleast for once she’s looking lovely!

  19. Livdiva at | | Reply

    I like both their shirts but not their skirts. Rani’s has too much going on and Shweta’s is too long and does not go with her shoes…

  20. zina at | | Reply

    wow….shweta ias unrecognizable without make-up. I prefer shweta’s version.

  21. Kin at | | Reply

    for the first time I can easily say…Rani looks simply superb! tres chic!

  22. dimpy at | | Reply

    hi ..want lil help ..just bought this black n gray shimmery longg jersey top that i want to wear as a dress..any ideas..was wondeing abt sheer black stockingss n boots-if at all what length? any suggestions would help ..thanks…

    1. Jasmine at | | Reply

      P&P: here’s an idea. Like Gallery, start a Q&A section where your readers can post fashion queries and have others (and maybe even you) answer. Promise pageviews will multiply!

    2. SK at | | Reply

      thats a gud look! :)
      boots shud be atleast till the knee… not 3/4 … they cut your legs short.
      and depending upon the kind of neck the jersey has… wear ginormous earrings :) or only bangles in 1 hand…

    3. charan at | | Reply

      yes, black stockings or leggings with boots would look good. If you are a tall person, you can wear flat boots to go with it (i would think gray boots)
      If you are short, i would do a sexy shiny high heel boots, knee high. Between stockings and black boots your legs wont look short and the heels will add nice silhouette.
      Feel free to add a belt if you feel the need for it or skip the belt and add a long black chain.

  23. SLC at | | Reply

    Definitely Rani

  24. annie at | | Reply

    Rani always looks uncomfortable in western clothes. The beads are not helping her either. Between the twon, Shweta definitely fares much better.

  25. Saira at | | Reply

    Rani looks more put together than Shweta. I actually love the pearl necklace, it’s Chanel and I want it so bad!!

  26. G at | | Reply

    Luvv rani and her look ! So chic and sophisticated.

  27. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I think for shweta, the angle of the photo is bad…its like from higher up…plus those shoes kill it for her…and a neat pony would have done so much for this look.

    As it is i like Rani. Love the smile on her face !

  28. diptiN at | | Reply

    Rani looks good, the length of the skirt is perfect.

  29. Bertie at | | Reply

    Wow Rani looks soo good!!this is how it’s done! not only she does wows in sabya’s saris but also rocks western outfits :D

  30. ariel001 at | | Reply

    Rani looks great! She’s on a roll with these promotions.

  31. F at | | Reply

    Rani looks good. not a big fan of the necklace though..

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