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  1. Vani at | | Reply

    And how refreshing is it to see Shabana wear the pallu the way it should be! She looks gorgeous.

  2. Sunshine at | | Reply

    Shabana looks stunning

  3. mehraca at | | Reply

    i love the white dress on raageshwari..

  4. Dipti at | | Reply

    Raageshwari hands down ! always natural and elegant. love the gown looks like an ‘oscar de la renta’.thumbs up neeta lulla. perfect clutch. raageshwari is a fountain of youth.

  5. madonna at | | Reply

    Love the Tory Burch on Raageshwari.

  6. bongbabe at | | Reply

    please stop featuring these eyesores by lullas. mother daughter – both lack any talent.

  7. Puja at | | Reply

    hate the dress on raageshwari.. such a lovely face n such old fashioned dress..
    Aarti’s dress isnt any good either..
    Shabana look nice.. tht sari is really good..

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