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  1. Adara at | | Reply

    Such high slit and whole lot of key hole. No wonder she has posted a long shot without turning this side to the camera. :P

    1. Hansini at | | Reply

      True that. I too wore a tiny bikini in foreign lands and returned to my tankini back in India :(

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Ha ha. But it also depends on the crowd and the place, we sure can afford to wear bikinis in some of the more closed beach house parties in India. :D Of course not in the commercial beaches. :-/

  2. Neharika at | | Reply

    I wish i had a close up…Difficult to say from such a distance.

    1. monika at | | Reply

      Yeh…its just a pretty picture…one can hardly see the dress on her to comment

  3. Crazygirl at | | Reply

    12,600 for this flimsy dress?!!

  4. Paroma at | | Reply

    Love the composition of that pic!

  5. slc at | | Reply

    Visually the shot is great. The dress/tunic is meh, just not designer enough for me at least.

  6. Deepika at | | Reply

    I want to know where are these leopard print sunglasses from..they look damn nice!@highheelconfidential

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