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    Wow that rhinestone cuff is beautiful…I think accessories with logos are ok if the rest of the outfit is not tacky than it can look nice, but I don’t like Divya’s outfit at all…..

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    she is very pretty woman.. GOT MARRIED TO MONEYBAGS.. and going crazy.. have no real sense of STYLE…
    I wish she tones down the makeup and be more elegant.. then flashy..

    again very pretty lady.. horrible horrible style

  3. Lia at | | Reply

    I agree with the comment above me, the girl is very pretty. But like many south asian girls she doesn’t know the balance of looking beautiful and classy.

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    Am just curious..who is she? and who is she married to?

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    ^^^DIVYA IS married to Bhushan Kumar head of t-series music empire son of late Gulshan kumar
    Divya acted in one movie only…. forgot the name.. but it has bobby deol and aksaya kumar in it too.. it was like army movie…
    anyhow.. after that movie bhushan fell in love with her.. and she is set for life.. lol

  6. Lia at | | Reply

    I find it ridiculous when an actress gets married and claims “she’s going to stop making movies”. Lately Ashwarya has been singing the same song on how she’s more picky about her roles (only act if Abhishekh orAmitab is in it) and how she wants to focus more on her family (I’m married now so I can’t prance around in minis anymore). Haven’t we come further than these lousy 1600 century lines?

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    not true, since Ash has married, she is doing only the big ones- like Pink Panther, Taj Mahal with Ben Kingsley and a few others. She is doing the classic daughter in law dailogue, but all of us know the Bachans love money like anybody else, and when she signs a few big ones, with a LOT of moola, they will probably tow the line. Also may be she feels if she does movies with hubby his stock will rise?

    I live abroad and she is WAY bigger than he is

  8. Lia at | | Reply

    I agree with you on the part that she’s probably doing it for her hubbys ego. But it annoys the heck out of me when women make these statements during interviews as if it’s something good.

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    agani – who the hell is she? !

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