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Enough has been said about Ms. Khosla’s rhinestone ‘Versace’, so am not going to waste my breath on it… however, got to admit, with that ‘Fendi’ logo cuff, she is atleast one step closer to tasteful. I said one step closer… there is nothing tasteful about sporting logos!

At Bentley Launch, 07

At Bhushan Kumar’s Party, 08

If you must own one yourself, consider these brighter, sunnier, spring-ready ones…. but only, if you must! 🙂

Buy The Lemon Yellow Cuff Via Eluxury
Buy The Apple Green Cuff Via Eluxury

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Spotted: Gayatri Joshi

Wow! Couldn’t even recognize Gayatri Joshi at the Bentley presentation held on 17th September. She looks so frazzled! Seemed liked she just rolled out of bed and put on her clothes. Oh well, I am pretty impressed with the Gucci crystal clutch. The lady has good taste in her bags!

Buy via Saks Fifth Avenue for $795

P.S If you forgot who Gayatri Joshi is, here is a reminder. She starred with Shah Rukh Khan in Swades.


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