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      P.S. Koena Mitra wore a red Gauri & Nainika gown similar to what Priyanka Chopra had worn to last year’s Star Screen Awards. Check it out. :)

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    What was she thinking?

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    I cannot imagine who would even MAKE something like this!!! It is truly hideous!!! Is she blind!!!!!

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      I think some designers are trying to channel ugly part sheer gowns into fashion by pedalling them onto bollywood celebs.

      Aint working.

  4. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    sorry what was she dong at the “STAR” screen awards………………………??

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    OH no!! The colour is gorgeous on her, but that dress is just… beyond tacky. Has she done something to her nose again? It looks a lot wider than it did after surgery. Just noticed her pumps, they look yum!!

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      I was thinking the same. Color of the dress compliments her skin tone….except that nothing else going on for her

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        Colour is the only thing that is good in the picture.

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    Probably a creation of one of the many self-proclaimed designers in India! This one is beyond words!!

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    Oh well she had a blonde moment and was not thinking.
    Moving on to the fashion horror mess
    the length of the dress is off, the jewels are an overkill, the colour does not suit her, the makeup is not appropriate

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    Time to fire her Stylist !!!!

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    award season = bollywood actresses showing up in borrowed clothes that are not sized to fit them, the gown on Minissha is one such example

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      I highly doubt its borrowed, I’m sure Minisha can afford could afford to pay for this, the fit itself is so horrible overall, I think it WAS sized to fit her but the designer did a horrible job of it any way. Either that or she bought it off the rack

      I dont get all the” is this designer item a fake/ borrowed? how can sucha small time actress afford to pay for it?” comments on this site: even B-list actresses get paid quite a lot when you add up all their movie/ item number fees, endorsement deals, print ads and performance fees (B listers usually get paid about 10- 50 lakhs per dance performance/ store inaugration)

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        P.S : I’m not saying that you think she couldn’t afford to pay for it, I’m just talking about comments oft hat kind in general

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        *sorry, fit itself is horrible overall = structure is horrible overall

        1. diptiN at | | Reply

          it is not that she or other actresses cannot afford the clothes, I am sure they can, just like in hollywood, designer lend their clothes to socialites and actresses to be work at events for publicity. Why would anyone buy a dress which is so long and not have it altered?

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        Err…..this may come as news to you….but NONE of the Bollywood stars actually pay for their looks for the red carpet! You are absolutely right, the clothes are not borrowed, they are GIVEN to them! And THAT is a fact. Nothing wrong with that….except when they end up wearing monstrocities like this just because they are free!

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      …and the celadon gown on mugdha is another example.

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    Oh dear God. The skirt of her dress looks like an especially crumpled trash bag. And enough, enough with the jewel embellishments already!

    1. Stuti at | | Reply

      Agreed. So tired of seeing tacky embellishments.

  11. kismet at | | Reply

    Love the colour, but design terrible!!

  12. clueless at | | Reply

    looks like discarded gift wrap… but the colour does look nice on her

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    Well , i love the color of dress a lot and herearrings and pumps…
    Dress wd have worked if it was simple strapless.No need to show skin in net fabric when already showing upper part.

    Girl has got…strong arms …:-)

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    Not fair, I would say that Katrina’s dress warrants a WThey a lot more than this does.

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    sad…she’s got the prettiest face amongst other female co-stars but what a disaster!!

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    Maybe she thought she is supposed to dress like an ‘apsara’….and she forwarded that memo to vidya malwade as well

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    ohhh my eyes!!

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    I think she wants to set a record for wearing the worst outfits at award functions (her frock at Star Acreen last year) also fell in the WHteyy category.
    I think it is an Archana Kocchar gown

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    it is not that she or other actresses cannot afford the clothes, I am sure they can, just like in hollywood, designer lend their clothes to socialites and actresses to be work at events for publicity.

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    the dress makes her look like shes a muncipal sweeper. poor thing, shes so cute but that dress collected all the dirt from the red carpet. we aussies would say ‘she’ll be right mate!’ lol

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