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  1. pri at | | Reply

    yeah also what sort of animal is purple black and white?

    omg i just realized who this is. omg. i feel old.

  2. pri at | | Reply

    oh wait this was for mika’s birthday party? that’s cool then. one is allowed to wear purple animals to mika’s birthday party.

    p.s. why are we covering mika’s birthday party?

  3. Surbhi at | | Reply

    grosse! just look at the confidence with which heh is standing there!!

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    hahahaha FUGLY
    this guy has always bothered me…when he was hosting SA RE GA MA PA, he seemed a little creepy

  5. nik at | | Reply

    EWWW why did puberty ignore him?

    also is it just me who got disturbed at the fact that his jeans are resonably tight and his package looks invisible

  6. jen at | | Reply


  7. nosh at | | Reply

    Aaaaw, I thought he was adorable on saregamapa. He’s just a kid and he just recently made his big debut in the limelight (other than his cameos in movies as a kid), so I think he’s allowed a few fashion mishaps!!

  8. annapurna at | | Reply

    Hes just a KID … hes searching his style .

    Loved him on saregama… On the Program too , his fashion choices were not the best always , But his genuine compering made up for it .
    Way to go Aditya !

  9. Belle at | | Reply

    LoL @nik

    Yeh i think he’s just searchin for his style. I bet you he grew up with his mum buying his clothes and now that he’s finally old enough, he’s tryin to find his niche.

    i can understand that, i remember i was never into clothes and had my mum pick out everything for me..until i hit uni…and now im discovering what looks good etc etc by myself. lol

  10. sonal at | | Reply

    y exactly do pl wear animal prints..they always look hidoues….n that .tryin-to-b-dude pose…anyways yeh he hosted the show welll..seems like a hunble kid too but still thumbs down for tight jeans n tight t..i mean both the things tight is always a nono…

  11. Missy at | | Reply

    I think I notice something out there…the watch matches the shirt! or is it a reflection?

  12. Never Mind at | | Reply

    Is this Udit Narayan’s son? Man he makes me feel old! I remember his voice from Akele Hum Akele Tum. Lets just say dressing up is not his forte.

  13. saya at | | Reply

    oh gosh! the last i saw him as a kiddo in the movies. he still has age on his side, should improve on he fashion.

    rofl@nik’s comment. he’s still probably a “kid” and that could explain the invisibility ;)

  14. Pradeepti at | | Reply

    If dressing badly was a crime…we are looking at a juvenile deliquent!

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