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  1. Renetta at | | Reply

    Works for both. The look good

  2. Adara at | | Reply

    Kareena does it better. That’s not Parineeti, its someone half her size. lol. The shoulders, hips, waist, thighs. Good lord! There should be a limit to photshopping.

    1. silly-lilly at | | Reply

      LOL. So true. If this was Parineeti, i would have said it looked better on her. But this is definitely not! She is double this, outside this magazine. So Kareena wins by a huge margin for being Kareena!

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I have to agree. There is no way that is Parineeti’s figure. The waist is crazily out of proportion.

  3. taanvi at | | Reply

    Parineeti for me. It just embodies her personality, I feel.

  4. Fatima at | | Reply

    I cant get past how badly they’ve photoshopped Kareena’s lower body.

  5. arohi at | | Reply

    Parineeti for me with her enthusiasm and verve!
    Kareena is looking good too, but her usual glam self.

  6. Fergie at | | Reply

    The photoshop job on Parineeti’s pic is better. :-)

  7. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    the photo composition in the first picture is hilarious. what is going on in this photo? the couple are waiting for the rest of their scuba gear to arrive? and while they wait, decided to groom themselves?

    1. Dipika at | | Reply

      LOL. agree.

  8. Dipika at | | Reply

    so sad that we choose to photoshop and not allow women to look as they are. it’s far more ridiculous this way. i mean we all know parineeti does not look like that.

  9. Shalini at | | Reply

    With or without Photoshop it’s Parineeti for me. And the picture is better too!

  10. paravi at | | Reply

    seriously!!!!???? comparing kareena kapoor n parineeti chopra is jz off limits :-/ how so ever kareena’s pic appear to be, it is definitely better than parineeti’s!
    apart frm getting a stylist, parineeti even needs actng classes to learn some more expressions!! I dnt understand her aggressive expression in the pic!! :D

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