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  1. NAQVI at | | Reply

    Of lately she has surprised me with her looks in a pleasant way and this is no exception. Perfect for a wedding.

  2. Sarah Husain at | | Reply

    STUNNING!! I love the change Malaika has brought in her latest appearances. She has finally given up on the (sorry for the crass choice of words) trashy unnecessary skin show she was always known for! She has an inherent sexiness that reflects through even when she’s fully dressed like here & does not need to itsy bitsy clothes with barely anything left o the imagination.

    1. Sarah Husain at | | Reply

      *does not need to RESORT TO itsy bitsy clothes with barely anything left o the imagination.

  3. prep-y at | | Reply

    How lovely and elegant! Love the color on Malaika.

  4. Dia at | | Reply

    She’s looking lovely!

  5. SP at | | Reply

    Nice necklace!

  6. Vg at | | Reply

    I agree with in everything. This look is a refreshing change from previous looks, and is nice, flirty, and lovely.

  7. Nainika at | | Reply

    Gorgeous color!!!! Malaika looks lovely…

  8. Himani Joshi at | | Reply
    1. NEMO at | | Reply

      sorry but not even close…!!!

      1. Himani Joshi at | | Reply

        Dats entirely my perception dear :)

  9. Kirsa at | | Reply

    She looks soo dainty and pretty! Now this is what is justice to the beautiful woman she is! Heart it <3<3

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply


  10. KK at | | Reply

    So pretty – love this.

  11. Tania at | | Reply

    Nice color but her looks seem monotonous now,maybe because of the boring poses.
    Please feature Priyanka’s White House Correspondence Dinner look. Can’t believe you guys take this long to feature high profile looks but immediately feature Sophie Choudary and Malaika’s daily appearances.

  12. Ranij at | | Reply

    She looks very pretty in this colour. And I like how she draped the dupatta because blouse looks shiny type

  13. Insomniac singla at | | Reply

    She looks so elegant . Such a refreshing color and love dat jewellery.

  14. Neharika at | | Reply

    Her taste has become so elegant. I love the change!!

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      Her taste was always elegant (9/10 times), its her arched poses that used to ruin it. She looks so lovely here! Totally in love with the sweetness of the colour and how gorgeous is her jewelry, makeup and that hairdo!

  15. J at | | Reply

    Beautiful! The color looks amazing :)

  16. NEMO at | | Reply

    so elegant !

  17. nehaa ss at | | Reply

    That colour is just love. So refreshing.

    And am just thinking what will it take to look half of what she looks at her age and after having kids…

  18. KS at | | Reply

    Beauty defined!!

  19. nehaa ss at | | Reply

    You guys were hiring an intern for the menswear right? What happend to that? There were so many guys present at the wedding, it would be really interesting to read their outfit details and review

  20. FashionFauxPas at | | Reply

    beautiful, ethereal and fresh! Lovely colour and makeup… Malaika has come a long way!

  21. RDM at | | Reply

    Beautiful and elegant

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