1. I LOVE the Pants on the Model ( though half seen )… I just bought one from zara ( the side-pocketed ones ).

    Mahima somehow makes the Vest work !
    Though personally m not a fan of this Vest trend… But its refreshing to see her in something else then Beige saree and white shirts .

  2. i like this look on her. i dont know if she could pull it off without the shirt but. you need like a perfectly toned body…like seriously perfect. and many times, it can just look cheap. so she stuck to the safer option. hehehe

  3. i like very much, i wouldn’t call it safe, i’d call it practical. The cut is a bit deep for it to be stand alone for my taste

  4. She manages to make it look dignified and elegant which I think even the model doesn’t manage. The gaudy baubles just don’t work here for me.

    I think only people with model sized chest can make it work without the shirt underneath other wise it’s very easy to make this look skanky

  5. I am actually loving the whole look she has put together…something that I could wear..:))..and manage to pull it off…Love her bag as well…


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