LFW Winter/Festive 2010: Babita Malkani

While we loved last collection of Babita’s, can’t quite say the same this time around. Where it was Bhutan that she drew inspiration from for her last collection, it was the mountains of Cappadocia (Turkey) this time around. Like it’s source of inspiration, the collection was all peaks and valleys for me. With not too many peaks at that. Barring an elusive few, the collection was drab and unimaginative.

P.S : Pooja Batra (top row, extreme left) walked for Babita.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Fishhead at | | Reply

    Pooja Batra (top row, extreme right) walked for Babita??? Extreme left probably :)

  2. monika at | | Reply

    boring collection but loved the shoes

    1. suchi at | | Reply

      the exact same shoe,. isnt that odd. but it does go with all the outfits

      1. Chiklet at | | Reply

        Can someone pls ID the shoes.

  3. Adit at | | Reply

    Puja Ahluwalia now. She looked fab….and could any of those girls a run for their money…

  4. Mel at | | Reply

    really nice shoes. they completely take away the attention from the dresses.

  5. aru at | | Reply

    the comments this website has on this collection is completly out of line, i guess you guys have not yet been to cappadoccia, i think the designer has really excelled in capturing the esence of the place which mind you is very tough … so Kudos to Babita, the collection is also extremly wearable and stunning, obviously this website has little or no clue about high fashion…. maybe you should cover only crass designers and leave the likes of babita out of your comments in the future…. do you guys actually have a clue about fashion??

    1. akaa at | | Reply

      What makes you think people here have no clue about fashion?
      Babita may have done a great job in capturing the essence of
      cappadoccia but collection doesn;t look like it would translate well in real life .. when someone goes out to buy a dress, they would see how it looks like on them, not how good it captures cappadoccia.. it is all too probable that most of the people would not have been to that place!

  6. Shalini at | | Reply

    All the models wore the same shoe style?

  7. dilip singh at | | Reply

    superb collection,awesum color story and extremely wearable …one designer who s a complete package according to me.

  8. karishma samat at | | Reply

    superb collection…color palettes are beautifull.

  9. vaishali at | | Reply

    i saw the show..it was a complete and crisp collection of the designers inspiration keeping in mind the wearability too..cheers to her.

  10. tasneem at | | Reply

    i saw most of the lakme shows and babita collection was amazin and the colours and techniques were wonderfull.

  11. valeriya at | | Reply

    wow..love the look specially the jumpsuit and the browns.keep it up.

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