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  1. Shiva at | | Reply

    Its plain vanilla … but looks good ..

  2. suchi at | | Reply

    she always looks great. I actually like the dress too.

  3. ... at | | Reply

    If i’m not mistaken its a Dries Van Noten, Fall/Winter 07/08.

  4. B at | | Reply

    anything on lara is good..she is one elegant woman

  5. Varsha at | | Reply

    Its an ok dress but she pulls it off very elegantly.

  6. Bsimple at | | Reply

    the dress is yummy!

  7. racket at | | Reply

    Racket likey the dressy. P&P, we agree.

  8. pm at | | Reply

    love the dress and love the way Lara carries it off – she has a natural elegance…

  9. Prithi at | | Reply

    Lara always dresses well. You should print her more.

  10. Veens at | | Reply

    wow! she looks so comfy in that dress.

  11. kismet at | | Reply

    Oh! she looks lovely and i love the dress, colour, embroidery and design/cut!! fab fab fab from me!!

  12. Madhu at | | Reply

    There was a prolonged period in the last two years when she was not looking her best. I am so glad to see Lara back. She is looking fantastic……making a blingy dress work like that is not easy. Love the jingles on her wrist.

  13. Enigma at | | Reply

    Though the print is not very flattering, the neck-line and length of the dress are perfect!

  14. kismet at | | Reply

    you know its something i can see HALLY BERRY wearing, actually has she worn something like this in full length before??? just can’t remember….

  15. malini at | | Reply

    wish the top part was bit different. love the bottom/skirt portion of it.. overall not bad lara:)

  16. Surbhi at | | Reply

    nice.. love it

  17. MM at | | Reply

    it takes a toned body to carry something like this.. I agree with Kismet’s comment.. it also reminded me of something hally berry could pull off.. good job Lara

  18. the mad momma at | | Reply

    she carries herself with such grace she’d make a sack look good.

  19. Protyasha at | | Reply


  20. pdaervo at | | Reply

    pretty dress, but plays ticks upon her boobs
    she carries it off with pure nonchalance and elegance though

  21. Aarthi at | | Reply

    She looks FAB here…this dress could have been such a hit or miss….but its how she carries it off that makes all the different. She looks comfortable, relaxed and totally FAB…did I say FAB!???!! LOL

  22. arbitary at | | Reply

    Anyone who can look good in horizontal stripes is really blessed! I miss Lara’s bangs..they looked good on her.

  23. moni at | | Reply

    Dress – B (Not digging it , I hate horizontal lines , looks like a lamp shade)

    Jewelry – B (OK)

    Attitude – A (I always love an smiling face :-)

    overall – B+ (Unless somebody throws in a designer name here, then it is a totally differnet ball game for me)

  24. Rashmi at | | Reply

    It’s working because she isn’t wearing any OTT jewelry…she shows that she understands that sometimes “LESS IS MORE”
    I’d say FAB!

  25. anita at | | Reply

    FAB!! Lara carries her clothes well.. keeping accessories and makeup minimal.. wish I could see her shoes

  26. nik at | | Reply


  27. sarika at | | Reply

    This is MNG!! she looks like she got ready in 10 minutes! FAB….mayb i should get the dress tooo

  28. Sharin at | | Reply

    She wears anything well… she’s one classy lady.

  29. FARAH at | | Reply

    she looks so so nice. it a MANGO dress, got the same one from london last month

  30. K at | | Reply


    I seriously do not like this dress – hate the horizontal lines. And Lara does not look her best…

  31. anoo at | | Reply

    yeah I think i saw it in mango too….the amber version was better thn this cream…

  32. Nadia at | | Reply

    This lady always exudes grace and confidence. She looks radiant and healthy here with her bronze, toned body. We don’t expect anything less from a former Miss Universe.

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