Of Lil’ Dresses


For Vikram Chatwal’s party, both these ladies went with black dresses accented with some color… Have a favorite? We’d have to say neither, we’ve certainly seen these women do better!


Shamita Shetty (Left) And Preity Zinta (Right) At Vikram Chatwal’s Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. shamita’s has the potential to be interesting….but somehow that patch of red looks random…like it shouldnt be there or something was spilt
    sad really cause her face looks fresh
    (hate her shoes)

    preity looks hot…! definitely dressed younger than she has in a while

  2. for a second that red patch in shamita’s dress caught me unaware and i guess preity is wearing a short dress after a long time

  3. shamita’s dress is better than preity’s. the pink splotchyness is a bit distracting, but i think it’s better than wearing a dress that looks like it’s grown hands grabbing at your lovehandles.

  4. shamita’s dress is something that noir barbie wud wear if she were trying to be edgy…don’t like. Preity’s dress is just a little on the slutty side, but she wears it really well…she look sthe right kind and amout of smoking!! love love love preity zinta!!

  5. Priety is a let down only coz we expect more of her. Its good actually, if it was anyone else we would have called it fab. Shamita dress with the lace hem and the seeming ill fitting top half is a bleh.

  6. I’m not sure I like the top part of Shamita’s dress. I like the bottom part though.
    I don’t like Preity’s dress at all. I don’t think it does her justice at all.

  7. Don’t like either. I actually think that Shamita is the better looking of the Shetty sisters but she lacks the oomph that Shilpa has.

  8. Somehow I feel shamita should have worn shoes that would match the embroidery of the dress…. i think it would have looked a tad bit better..

  9. don’t like either, but doesn’t preity’s dress look like a short version of LIZ HURLEYS FAMOUS DRESS, when she was dating hugh grant. I remember it was a long gown and had those gold things at the waist.

  10. Shamita looks nice…i actually kinda like the dress, it’s cute and flirty

    Pretiy is looking sooo sexy with her hair like that! Love the dress too

  11. preity’s wearin a short dress aftr a long time..n she’z lookin yummy…n da fact dat she’z lost oodles of weight adds 2 da zing thing…luv u preity…..

  12. I actually like preity’s look…but shamita’s dress sucks…it would have worked if ti was shorter and shoulder-less with more lace tho


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