Double The Knot, Double The Fun

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Saturday and Sunday saw Anu Dewan sporting two different Bottega Veneta Knot clutches. While one was a variation of the one seen earlier on Shaheen, last night she carried the Raffia one from the Resort 2004 collection.

If we ever decide to become thieves, no points for guessing whose house we’ll be striking first! 😉


Left: Anu Dewan Attends Vikram Phadnis Show at LFW
Right: Bottega Veneta Black Raffia Koi Knot


Left: Shaheen Abbas at ‘Araish’ Event
Right: Anu Dewan at Vikram Chatwal Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This woman always poses the same way …
    though I always love the clutches she carries. very pretty. something tells me she hangs around in the same circle as Twinkle.

  2. Payal, Priyanka, i promise to help in any way possible if you agree on taking me along with you to steal this woman’s BVs. i love love love love the blue knot!

  3. okay, anu dewan is slowly growing on me. i admire her effort at glamour, but now i think it’s time she ups things a notch.

    she seriously needs to change up her makeup and hair. she’s got the bag dept taken care of. clothes are slowing making their way there too. all she needs to do now is wash her hair and get a cut, wipe off that kaajal that looks like it’s been tattooed to her eyes. and voila.

  4. Who is the lilac dress by. Such a cute vintage style dress. I wanna wear it and cook pancakes for my imaginary kids.

  5. I love the dresses and the clutches! So chic and timeless.

    @PeachBellini, agree about the haircut. Am a kajal addict too. The problem is once you start wearing it, you look sick and unwell if you stop.

  6. Sonia99,
    You are so right about the kohl. Am addicted to mine! And yeah, if I don’t wear it other people ask me “Am I sick?” Makes for a good excuse at work to take off early. Simply don’t wear kohl! 😉

  7. sonia99 and payal, I totally love my kaajal too, but there’s a differeence in wearing it properly and wearing it to the degree that it looks like it’s dripping from your eyes. She could use a simple liner to look awake, but there’s more to eye makeup than just liner.

  8. the second bv reminds me of the boho bags which lucky brand, fossil and even zara make. I prefer the more classic and woven ones like those featured on preity and surily here.
    Sonia 99, Payal ,I totally get it, eyeliner is such a staple for me too . I think using subtler colors like brown, deep olive, graphite gives the lined look without being too harsh.
    but agree with peachbellini, the eyeliner looks too stark all the time.

  9. What’s wrong with the kajal?! It’s my staple everyday makeup…and Anu’s eyes look well defined because of it. Also love that blue dress with the belt…so chic!

  10. Like eyes are the windows to our soul kajal are the magic wand for them…. not sure if it makes sense but i agree she uses her liner well and frankly the best feature indian women have is their eyes so why not highlight them?

  11. @peachbellini: i quite like her eye makeup, not too OTT. its just some liner. and she looks great!

    ladies, if you think this eye make up is harsh, you should see women in the middle east! :O


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