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    Really P & P? On anyone else and you guys would have WTHeyy’ed this one. A mess from head to toe. And it’s not like I really like the top or the bottom individually either – why would you wear any of this and that too together.

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      Agree, it’s a mess. Don’t know how people step out looking like this!

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      Agree 100%. Anyone else and it would be a WTHeyy. Her quirky style notwithstanding.

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      Agree. This is a total disaster. I like the bag, but not on this outfit.

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        This is terrible, Kiran looks like she just rolled out of bed, slung that awful bag on her shoulder and bunched up her hair on the way to the venue! A most DEFINITE WTHeyy!

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    Hey I have a similar top from Manish arora for reebok collection…it not this colorful but has similar sleeves….and yes it is quite long…how do we wear this top ? style suggestions on what to team up with ?

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    I quite like this look! Totally something I would try! Wouldnt that noticed the bunching up if it wasnt mentioned. And the pants look fine to me. All in all, I love the baggy silhouette with the pouf in her hair and those awesome earings. :)

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    Wish she wore the top long!!..That would have hided the dowdy and unkempt pants :)

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    weirdo…whacky….n not in a good way…..amazes me how P&P who share love for fashionista like sonam would even consider liking someone like kiran….anywaz…their blog…their wish……for me any sighting of her is very disturbing….so much happening at the same time..

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      n those weird weird…harrp potter glasses have to go…..we get it kiran…u r the intelligent types….please dont belittle any intelligence u have by wearing those pshyced out glasses

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    I never get her fashion sense.

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    aiyo…she looks BAD. i dont think she put as much thought into what she was wearing as P n P did for this post! i think she tries too hard to consciously look “intelligent” and “im too smart to care about-fashion”

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    I dont understand how she even comes up on a fashion blog!!! She is an ordinary disaster that makes me wanna puke…

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      She really is.. there’s nothing fashionable about her nothing quirky either that’s just trying too hard if you ask me . Her style is utterly disgusting. How come she get’s a pass for dressing like this in the name of being “Quirky” hello High heel are you guys listening .. please stop encouraging such bad fashion sense.

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    Her.. Eye wear,, is really funny :D Looks like.. she stole from harry potter.. coz she wanted to look ,,, ”different” from others. I don’t find point in wearing such clothes anyway.. coz they don’t appear even comfertable :/

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    The most sadistic thing ever is to feature her on this blog.
    I’m sure she wants to be left alone. I would hate to be dissected this way if I were dressed like that.

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