With Or Without?

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At the launch of Asmita, an AIDS awareness program launched by Khushii, Ms Universe Stefania Fernandez and designer Sanjana Jon were spotted wearing the same Sanjana Jon design. Stefania chose to skip the churidaars while Ms. Jon paired her teal outfit with chunky black sandals.

Prefer the outfit with the churidaars or without. Or, if you are like us, vote on skipping the entire outfit (for something else) altogether.


Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez with Sanjana Jon

Photo Credit: India Today

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  1. Oh dear!!! The blind leading the blind! I am so insensed that when we have some truly great talent in India, THIS is what the world sees as being ‘Indian’ design! I don’t know who is the bigger criminal, Anand, or Sanjana!!! totally hideous!

  2. how can 2 person(esp ladies) wear the same outfit at the same event,n to top it all face the camera??? I think Ms universe 4got 2 wear something hmmm….

  3. Neither!…both are equally bad! i generally dislike any outfit which traces the boob curve :-\ not happening!

    PnP, am desperately waiting for you to cover rekha in this edition of filmfare!…she looks smoking hot and can give a run for money for all those newbies! 😀

  4. Was this the uniform for the evening?? Like we had at P.T. Displays in school. Same dress in your “house” color.
    Without anything else is fine… but please wear it with a bra.

  5. WHY, in the name of all that is aqua, would anyone want to wear the exact same thing a Miss Universe (or whatever) is wearing at the same time she’s wearing it?

    The dress itself is horrendous enough, but to wear the same thing…thereby inviting comparison…I can’t figure out the logic of that.


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