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  1. anubha at | | Reply

    is it the lights or is the make up on Amrita just horribly wrong? Karisma looks fab!

  2. diptiN at | | Reply

    karisma looks great. Amrita, not so much, another thick belt fashion disaster. The dress would have looked good without the hideous belt.

  3. PM at | | Reply

    Karisma is glowing and I love those ear-rings. Amrita looks in great shape but something is off with her face. But definitely the new moms shine.

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    Karishma looks fab. Any one else wearing the dress with that hideous belt seen on Amrita would have gotten flak (of course not on Malaika, your other fav). I wonder why you ladies are this biased. Sigh.

    1. Isha at | | Reply

      P&P have always had a soft spot for preggers and new moms :)

      1. annie at | | Reply

        so true!!

        1. the mad momma at | | Reply

          perhaps because they run the blog and like any of us, are allowed their soft spots? it is after all, only an opinion :)

  5. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I think that they both look great! Wow, amazing how they seem to have knocked off the weight so quickly!!!!

  6. monika at | | Reply

    Karihma looks fab . Love the accessories too except that the silver earrings should have been matched with silver bangles instead of gold ones . What do u all think?

    Amrita’s belt ruins it for her

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Love karishma. Loooks elegant and classy. But amrita tries too hard to be sexy again.

  8. Soho at | | Reply

    Karishma looks very classy and elegant..Amrita’s face is glowing too but her dress looks tacky..

  9. Genie at | | Reply

    huge sigh!! am not happy how god can make these new mom’s look. Am a to-be-mom and wish i look 0.0005% of what they look like!!!

    1. Trinket at | | Reply

      Awww , I am sure you will, just wait till you hold your li’l one in yr arms, you’ll feel 5000% better than them!

      p.s. fingers crossed – hope I dont get moderated!

    2. SNM at | | Reply

      Congrats, Genie! I hope motherhood is amazing for you, and that the baby weight just “falls off” like it seems to do for these ladies.. <3

    3. SK at | | Reply

      oh genie… dont worry about the weight luv! :) u’ll have plenty of other stuff to worry about! ;) and u’ll look fabolous … the glow comes from within… enjoy motherhood …

  10. KK at | | Reply

    YAY for Karishma.. How gorgeous does she look?!?! It kinda looks like Karishma’s dress has some kind of shoulder detail but her hair is covering it. What do you think?

  11. ak2000 at | | Reply

    Lolo looks fab. Amrita – terrible. Someone pls tell her she’s not in junior high anymore!!

    1. Shriya at | | Reply

      I so agree with you. Amrita – terrible.

  12. suzuka at | | Reply

    I think they both look good considering that they are new moms. Amrita’s belt is a bit much but apart from that, she looks fab for a new mom and must have worked hard to lose all that baby weight. Karisma looks good of course.

  13. leonine lion at | | Reply

    i can’t look past soinya.. is she auditioning for the next vampire movie…lol couldn’t resist!

  14. priya at | | Reply

    amrita arora looks faaaaaaaaaaaab……her cute charm still intact…..super…lolo looks lovely n elegant

  15. shalu at | | Reply


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