In Giorgio Armani


Kareena picked an Armani for the awards night and boy did she have us do a double take. She looked great! Even with the illusion panel (which we missed initially), the décolletage is risqué (for her)… Who knew Ms. Kapoor could wear it so well; color us surprised!


Kareena Kapoor At IIFA Awards 2014


Kareena Kapoor At IIFA Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. oh my! Kareena doesn’t disappoint but I’m awestruck at this hawtness! she’s werking every bit of it and how! We could have easily imagines somebody like Kangana in this but after seeing Kareeena, I can’t imagine anyone else in this! Take a bow Tanya Ghavri!

  2. I think the decolletage is an optical illusion, there is some skin coloured fabric holding the neckline in place. Still, uber hot and owning it and enjoying the attention.

  3. What’s happening with her left hand? Is there a pocket there? Looks awkward as it stretches the dress at the hips. Also not a fan of the tight fit at the armpits… Very unattractive.

  4. She does look great BUT if I were the designer I would be mad for completely changing the look of the gown. The neck line is completely different from how it was intended to be and so is the angle of the sleeve. Kareena is wider on the torso than the model but still, this was not the what the designer cocemptualized !

    • Armani customised this for her obvs, not like Kareena took it to her darzi! She looks great, dress looks great, Armani I am sure is happy!

  5. ooooo im loving kareena after sooooo long! shes rocking it! although i do notice fit issues in teh first two pics compared to the smoothly flowing gown on the model!

  6. The net fabric is such a smart idea ! It gives the illusion without worrying the wearer all night. And Kareena looks like Royalty. Am just missing some bling. She wears the dress way better than the model !

  7. i dont know. if you’re gonna wear something, wear it the way it was intended. the net panel brings the look down a bit. there are more comfy and yet sexy gowns out there that would look a million bucks on her.

  8. At first I thought it’s an Amit GT gown from his 2008 collection..but anyway it’s totally an amazing look and never expected it from Bebo. Go girl!

  9. Oh this look is such a downer for the event like IIfA the min resique look is no no from begum pataudi . Hollywood inspired but dear kareena ur still young !! Sri and vaani nailed it with priyanka dippi no less no color no dazzle a mesh to cover up a nono in bollywood extravaganza for such a iconic lady


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