Clutch Spotting


I had to admit I was surprised to see the Gucci Tippy clutch back to back on two ladies so quickly and then it all made sense! The clutch is on sale! ;)

Now, it was gone from Neimans but is back again with an additional 40% off which comes down to about $300 bucks(from $750) and that is not a bad deal at all…

simone_jaane_gucci_1.JPG amisha_gucci.jpg
Left: Simone Singh, “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” Premiere
Right: Ameesha, “Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic” Screening
Gucci Tippy Evening Bag
Buy via Neimans

Update: Looks like the clutch is gone, but keep checking for it to come back..Happened before too…



  1. I’ll still never be able to figure out why people spend obscene amounts of money on something so inconspicuous!

  2. @Flower Power
    I think its more of a status symbol than anything else to carry brand name accessories, especially in India.

  3. i can’t see why buying something on sale is bad. i don’t know, the way you guys said it…

    hmm…i dont like the clutch…

    @anita, agreed it’s more to do with status…but if so, wouldn’t they carry stuff that has the logo stamped across it…OMG that’s y bwood loves LV monogrammed bags! lol all makes sense!


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