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  1. Pamela at | | Reply

    She’s such a pretty girl.Love the skirt also.

  2. slimy at | | Reply


  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Thats one wedding of whose photos i ll be looking forward too.
    Anyways, this is casual and done alright. Wish the skirt was a tad bit longer. She is pretty, needless to say.

  4. Ambreesha at | | Reply

    Genelia looks cool, love that Skirt , i totally want it, it makes her look work

  5. Rash at | | Reply

    True to her image – Bubbly and cuteee ! Apt for a streetstyle look !

  6. monika at | | Reply

    I think she looks sweet but wish she had chosen a differnt pair of gladiators

  7. dhwani at | | Reply

    chic n happy fun, Genelia doesnt go worng in Nishka’s clothes, thet really suit her
    that skirt is just HAUTE

  8. geeta at | | Reply

    how cute is that skirt! i like

  9. Amma at | | Reply

    Oh God that skirt is terrible. She looks nice though.

  10. Nazneen at | | Reply

    Turns out this time the rumours are true. Ritesh D today confirmed their marriage in the Times of India. Anyhoo, Genelia looks cute.

  11. Niharika at | | Reply

    Wow now that’s a skirt I would love to wear casually and formally as well!
    Genelia looks great!

  12. Pinky at | | Reply

    i like it but its nothing special

  13. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Ritesh confirmed the news so it’s not rumor anymore. These pics in front of Costa Coffee…I don’t think they were shopping for wedding in a coffee shop!

  14. nee at | | Reply

    maybe you need spell-check?

  15. DiaR at | | Reply

    Love that skirt and she looks cute. Cant wait for her wedding outfits and really hope that she lives up to the expectations. Most of the times we see that on their wedding day many a fashionistas manage to fail!!!

  16. puja at | | Reply

    genelia look pretty and cute there’s no doubt about it..
    Pls tell me wtz designer about ths skirt..
    ths same skirt u cn gt in any local shop all over places in Pune mumbai, rajasthan, Gujarat..
    I knw coz i have one.. n a better one to tht without those unnecessary tassels.. n i bet many ppl have worn similar skirt sm or the other time..

  17. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    lovely skirt and she did good wearing a simple white tank…

  18. shilpi at | | Reply

    oh my GOD i just love that skirt n those flats too

  19. madsunshinesunny at | | Reply

    very very cool skirt on genelia

  20. dhoni at | | Reply

    awsm skirt!!!it compilments her..

  21. Kriti at | | Reply

    Her golden flats are from Accessorize! I have the same ones.

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