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  1. Corallista at | | Reply

    I don’t think she’s ever looked this glam! She should do a bold lip more often!

  2. Senorita at | | Reply

    love the romantic vibe. sits very well on her.

  3. glyc87 at | | Reply

    Bleh! Pretty but boring

  4. preeti at | | Reply

    F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Hair, make up.. perfect!

  5. jana at | | Reply

    Not trying too hard. Just wearing what she likes and enjoying herself. She looks so fresh, lovely and classy.

  6. $ at | | Reply

    M suprised ! hair dint bother u ? nice look but hair could have been different

  7. sree at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous in the close-ups! The dress would def not be my first pick on her, but she still pulls it off well.

  8. hansini at | | Reply

    This is Frieda all the way. Quietly stated elegance.

    1. Reir at | | Reply


  9. Slc at | | Reply

    Hair does bother me a bit, nevertheless she looks fab.

  10. tara at | | Reply

    Her hair,makeup are reminding me of ash! she looks good but look at blake lively thats a WOW!

  11. Neharika at | | Reply

    She gets it right…She looks gorgeous…I would have preferred the hair styled differently though…

  12. Paroma at | | Reply


  13. genie at | | Reply

    Is it just me or all that thready things kinda giving you that creepy(like a hairy insect crawling up your arm) vibe…. Ewww

    On the other side makeup is 10 on 10…beautifully done

  14. genie at | | Reply

    BTW are those strands on the red carpet from her gown :D

  15. RM at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous in the close ups, but I do wish her hair was in a soft bun of some sort. But still, elegance personified.

  16. * at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely lovely!

  17. Sandy at | | Reply

    She looks stunning and love this look ! Still waiting from a WOW look from her though ..

  18. MataHari at | | Reply

    It’s not meant for her. Just doesn’t sit right…especially the top part.

  19. Ena at | | Reply

    Love the makeup, mot so much the gown.

    1. Shina at | | Reply


  20. Amu at | | Reply

    This is how you should do your makeup. Absolutely flawless dusky loveliness!!

  21. just me at | | Reply

    The top part looks a little off but that apart she looks STUNNING and effortlessly elegant.

  22. sini at | | Reply

    She looks fab…not a fan of the gown though…

  23. Dips at | | Reply

    Flawless makeup, she looks breathtaking. The gown is very Cannes appropriate.
    Usually one for hair tied up, the loose locks here are very romantic.

  24. Reir at | | Reply

    By the way, this appearance made it to BBC’s feature on “Best dressed on the red carpet – Cannes 2014”

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