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  1. Zara at | | Reply

    OTT photoshopping I tell you. uff!

  2. sapna at | | Reply

    hope this comment goes thru

  3. Tina at | | Reply

    the dress doesn’t look very designer at all! looks like my christmas wrapping paper.

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    FAB dress for a cover…this is what I mean by editorial
    she does look a bit photoshopped

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    what an ugly ugly gown!!

  6. suchi at | | Reply

    dress looks great and she look great, but dont like the gold drapes in the back

  7. manasi at | | Reply

    i don’t get it. is it origami?

  8. Maneet at | | Reply

    Like the overall temperature of the picture.. Not so liking the gown though..

  9. Adi at | | Reply

    katrina looks fab…she has a very pretty face. why do covers love spoiling pretty faces trying to perfect them with that photoshop??!! i like the runway version better.

  10. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    It looks like two giant chocolate wrappers glued together.

  11. Adit at | | Reply

    NOTHING orignal about the pose, the dress, the concept or the expression on both the model and Katrina…

  12. Nick at | | Reply

    FAB cover..

  13. Jazz at | | Reply

    gift wrap alert!

  14. ekta at | | Reply

    i like it

  15. ena at | | Reply

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  16. Sweetz at | | Reply

    Katrina manages to pull off anything I’ve realised. Like she can probably wear a trash bag and she’d look ravishing in it

  17. me at | | Reply

    okay as I say always, anything and everything that a designer designs doesn’t mean it is FAB and you have to wear it, and this is a sad example of that

  18. shehnaz at | | Reply

    just stunning

  19. zina at | | Reply

    extremely nice cover!

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