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Are Magazines The New E-zines?

You may have noticed that we haven’t done an (Un)Covered post in quite a while. There’s a reason for it. Between seeing covers with the same faces every few months and alternate issues about love your body as is vs here’s what you can do to get the best body of your life, we just lost all our enthusiasm.

But, this month, Deepika’s Femina cover caught my attention. And nope, it wasn’t because of Deepika who looks phenomenal but more so, everything else. Like the hashtag, the sponsor brand logo, the social media handles.

I also did wonder what the purpose of that jacket was. Oh yes, to match the color scheme. (It also reminds me of Lucinda Chamber’s interview here).

We are in a digital era and competition is high. Magazines are not only competing with other magazines but also with websites like us. As owners of digital entertainment publication ourselves, we understand how hard it is to survive in this day and age. But I cannot help but admit that when a magazine cover looks like the homepage of a digital site, I do feel a bit sad.

Should magazines allow banner/advertising spots on their covers like a website’s homepage? Tell us!

Deepika Padukone on Femina Aug 2017

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Cover Wars!

Alia graces the cover of Femina’s November cover wearing a Dior dress and red thigh-high boots, one that we also saw on Kangana last month on the cover of Verve.

You know the question already… So vote on! 😉


Left: Kangana on Verve Oct 2015
Right: Alia on Femina Nov 2015

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Skirt Style

Wearing an Urvashi Joneja bralet top and full-skirt, Neha attended Femina’s Style Diva West pageant where she served as a judge.

On the runway, the skirt paired with that knit top didn’t even catch my attention. In wearing it with a simple black top, Neha does the skirt more justice. Now, some of you may find the bralet an awkward pick, but I think she makes the look work.

Was the former a deal breaker for you?


Left: Urvashi Joneja, LFW Summer/Resort 2014
Right: Neha Dhupia at Femina Style Diva


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Femina’s July cover sure packs a punch featuring Ms. Qureshi making a statement about her body. If that doesn’t open up a debate, what would…? Without getting specific about a particular star (to avoid moderation), tell us, is it fair to hold our celebrities to this standard of beauty and body? When they (actors) peddle everything from shampoos to insurance, should we also expect them to look a certain way as part of their off-the-cinemascope duties? Or excelling in the craft of their choice is enough. We want to know what you think!


Huma Qureshi on Femina July 2014

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Poll This!

Ms. Haydon, who featured on Bazaar’s all-white April issue also covers Femina’s May issue. Of the two covers, got a preference?


Lisa Haydon
Left: on Femina May 2014 in Dior
Right: On Harper’s Bazaar April 2014 in Chanel and Tibi Pants

Photo Credit: Twitter

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