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  1. khadija at | | Reply

    1st i couldnt recognize who this charming lady was …turned out to be ekta kapoor with those ugly platforms again….now the soles of her sandals have gone dirty also!!! plz somebody tell her not to do this to herself…or does she have some foot deformity n dr has asked her to wear these 24/7??!!

  2. annie at | | Reply

    Ekta looks like a bigger version of Genilia d’sousa. maybe thats because i am trying too hard to ignore her shoes.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I thought i was the only silly one to think that she looks like a bigger version of genelia. Glad to know i am not alone ;-)
      I have seen some other pics where she looks more like genelia.

  3. Amber at | | Reply

    lol.. the platforms may be part of her superstitions just like how her left hand is entirely devoted to those strings and rings.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      lol and also how her serials used to start with letter K.

  4. saristyle at | | Reply

    i couldnt recognise her but when i saw the shoes i went ohhh

    i vomit!(at the shoes)
    i smile!(at the makeover)

  5. CK at | | Reply

    I have a feeling that she must have a health reason for wearing those platform sandals.

    1. lazyU at | | Reply

      Same here. She does look nice if you ignore the shoes.

  6. star at | | Reply

    I have a feeling Ekta is superstitious and I reckon these are lucky shoes or something…

  7. Husn at | | Reply

    i dont think the person who did her makeover would let her step out in those shoes..
    its quite evident shes wearing em due to medical reasons..
    you got the strings PnP .. why not call n confirm with her .. rather than lauding her who might .. just might be wearing these out of no choice .. !!

    1. Manny at | | Reply

      I completely agree with you……I actually believe from the beginning that those shoes might be ortho……..so it’s a good advise from Husn to confirm with her about the shoe story.

    2. Soho at | | Reply

      Exactly my thought! I am beginning to think that there must be some orthopedic reason why she wears those always..

    3. dn at | | Reply

      I was about to say the same thing. If she got a make-over, which is good, I doubt she would have worn the same shoes if she had a choice. I am getting tired of PnP and many of the people posting commenting about her shoes.

      1. annie at | | Reply

        I doubt that anyone would have a medical reason for wearing sandals where half the foot is sticking out.

        1. naiad at | | Reply

          The sandal straps when viewed at a 90degree angle form the letter K.

          Maybe thats the superstition shes having?

  8. kumar at | | Reply

    HOly balaji money, for god’s sake buy a pair of shoes already. wont hurt ur bank!

    1. MN at | | Reply

      Kumar, the shoes may not hurt her bank, but it might hurt her back.

  9. MN at | | Reply

    No no ladies and gents, those shoes I can assure you are not the kind you wear if you have a medical problem.
    Those shoes have some religious connection I read once, she has quite a few of them.

  10. Puruda at | | Reply

    well read somewhere that these particular plat-fug-forms have some holy stones n lemons embedded in their base hence she would jus not wear ny other shoes…hmm………ankle up she does looks charming….i m simply gonna ignore that overloaded arm!

  11. jiji at | | Reply

    She actually owns the shoe factory where they make these shoes. She is only promoting her own brand! They are launching the new shoe shop soon, it will only have one style of shoe in the entire store. The shop is called ‘Ek Tha’

  12. karishma at | | Reply

    Ok so i got to share this… I heard from some “trusted” sources that she wears these shoes because they have some religious reason behind them… and the sole of these shoes are supposedly filled with some stones which have been blessed which is why she never ever changes the shoes !

    1. khadija at | | Reply

      she can embellish any of her shoes with those stones…on top on heels where ever she likes but the shoes above r awful….i had bathroom chapals of this sort once

  13. sharon at | | Reply

    i’m starting to think she has some feet problems and had these custom made.. there’s no other excuse to wear these platforms for so many years nonstop!!!!!

  14. shreyaa at | | Reply

    its not a bob nor its long, atleast she shd have got a proper bobcut, but i like it though, making her look young, keep it short ekta

  15. Abscessed at | | Reply

    I’m really hoping those are orthopedic sandals for her sake

  16. phoenix at | | Reply

    omg the shoes!!

  17. AnotherKiranInNYC at | | Reply

    She looks great!

    Okay and now I am officially allowing those shoes as her trademark. A little like Raaj Kumar and his carrot wig. we loved him for it or despite it.

    To be honest, the shoes look really comfortable. And if they were hit with invisible dust, I would wear them all the time too!

  18. monika s at | | Reply

    she didn’t got a new hair-do..its just she has tied a pony behind….i just saw her on bollywood ab tak on ETC..

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