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  1. Amodini at | | Reply

    Prefer Alia’s look, even though she’s in those shoes again. Yaami should opt for darker denims.

  2. Amu at | | Reply

    Is that the only pair of shoes that Alia owns?!?

  3. monika at | | Reply

    Prefer Alia by a mile & even though her sandals have seen many outings, I love them on her. I find Yami’s shoes ugly, nor do I like her jeans

  4. Mishti at | | Reply

    Alia of course… She looks fresh and sweater ( In Summers ? :P ) looks better on her… Yami is looking a bit wide.. May be because of angel of the photograph..
    Even jeans of Yami is so ugly…

    1. rhymes at | | Reply

      yah i was thinking the same..isn’t it summar in mumbai now?

  5. P at | | Reply

    Love this heart print sweater… ID pls

  6. saa at | | Reply

    yami definitely, she looks really comfy in it and the style on her doesnt look bad

  7. RDM at | | Reply

    Like Alia’s look better..

    Also like somebody asked before -can u ID the sweater ?

  8. Adara at | | Reply

    Alia looks so cute.

  9. Visha at | | Reply

    Alia… please stop wearing those same shoes! Surely you can afford way more than one!!!

  10. panthini at | | Reply

    Alia looks very cute! but whats up with those shoes? ohh wait I think she consider those shoes to be lucky for her ?

  11. Neharika at | | Reply

    When it comes to these sweaters with hearts, I prefer tammanah


  12. Maya at | | Reply

    Yami did it better..Alia,hun those shoes dont go with that outfit.

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