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  1. Kaya at | | Reply

    God help these people..Dia’s no path breaking fashionista but atleast she gets it aesthetically right…how hard is it people …honestly

  2. Sidra at | | Reply

    soha is def better than tulip. she looks good until u hit the ankles. tulips outfit just looks bad all over..and she looks real uncomfortable

  3. nisha at | | Reply

    Dia looks great… Tulip, well not so much, Soha looks different somehow….

  4. tusk at | | Reply

    dia mirza is cute! Soha.. please hire a stylist :-(

  5. Rohan Mehta at | | Reply

    Thats’s my Dia !! ;)

  6. Anu at | | Reply

    dia always looks like she doesn’t try hard…which is why she looks elegant in almost anything…and soha is so pretty, but it always looks like she has no idea how wrong her sense of dressing is…she’s worn those jeans before on several occassions…someone needs to tell her to get new jeans…and as for tulip…she needs to lose some chunk…

  7. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Dia looks cute, the other two, just dull and dreary…Tulip looks like she’s attending a Metallica concert or something lol

  8. mm at | | Reply

    dia looks nice. tulip is the worst here as she is consistent in her awful dress sense.

  9. rr at | | Reply

    but but but really how can you wear a shirt without a bra? :<

  10. suchi at | | Reply

    very much agree with kaya. how hard is this!

  11. binerry at | | Reply

    @rr – u wear a strapless bra.

  12. mj at | | Reply

    dia is a sight for sore eyes while the other two could give someone eye sores!! tulip is such a pretty girl but her dress sense is atrocious at best. soha is also so pretty and comes from a long lineage of great dressers (sharmila tagore, mansoor ali khan, saif ali khan). why does she insist on dressing so badly…is this her way of rebelling against her family/heritage??

  13. jettty at | | Reply

    what! i love tulip’s shoes and her whole look. she looks like the next bond woman.

  14. jettty at | | Reply

    somehow, soha ali khan looks like her name is ‘khushali’ here.

  15. Pranx at | | Reply

    how can they wear boots in this weather!!
    i think dia looks really cute!

  16. suman at | | Reply

    god..what hit them?

  17. mm at | | Reply

    soha only gets away with her awful jeans bcos she’s petite and has a pretty face. if she had an ordinary face and figure, she wouldn’t have been able to get so far with such bad outfits.

  18. for hhc at | | Reply

    Soha – the hair! the jeans! the boots! All that money, all that travelling with all that money … and she still didn’t learn anything?!

  19. nalini at | | Reply

    everything looks too tight on tulip. her top looks one size too small which explains why her tummy is showing. and that is also a pet peeve of mine! i thought i was the only one!

  20. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    try strapless bra’s… or bra’s with transparent straps..

    1. Payal(HHC) at | | Reply

      Only strapless. Transparent straps are a BIG NO!

  21. desigirl at | | Reply

    dia looks so effortlessy chic.
    all the comments about soha’s hair i think made her go get a haircut. its a bit better than before… but still doesnt make up for the jeans.

  22. SMM at | | Reply

    @ RR

    You can wear cups

  23. sana at | | Reply

    Why is Soha hell bent on choosing colours for old people? All I can remember her wearing blacks and beiges. She’s young and should try to wear more vibrant and youthful colours.

  24. Antonia at | | Reply

    Soha is such a beautiful girl. But she can’t dress. At all.

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