Of Dhoti Pants and Strapless Tops

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Both, Shweta and Narayani ended up wearing dhoti pants and strapless tops to delItalia’s first anniversary brunch event. I still haven’t warmed up to dhoti/harem pants (and by that I mean wearing them myself), but having said that, I do like Shweta’s printed top and white dhoti way more than the bright combo worn by Narayani. Just wished Shweta had given the metallic BV hobo a miss.

What about you? Who do you like better?

Thanks ‘Ryna’ for event tip-off.


Left: Shweta Salve at delItalia Anniversary Brunch
Right: Narayani Shastri at delItalia Anniversary Brunch


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  1. I LOVE harem/dhoti pants…the funkier the better, for me. And I think both Shweta and Narayani wear it much, much better than most other people I’ve seen sporting them.

    Narayani wins it for me, becoz harem pants can’t be white – that’s too cheesy for me, like someone wearing a patiala with a short top. If you’re doing funky, do it boldly!

  2. i like shwetas combo though the hobo doesnt go with her look at all, love her top!

    narayanis hair is all over the place. such a mess

  3. agree with chevalier. white harem pants don’t do it for me.
    however, my issue with narayani’s look is the length of the pants.

  4. nEither of them win this round for me, NArayani’s hair is out of control and I dont like the cut of swetha’s top. Pairing a loose top like that with already baggy harem pants just doesnt work. Also I think the whole tank w/harem pants combo is best left to tall slender women because it makes you look dumpy otherwise

  5. I dont like the trend either but if I had to choose I’d go for Shveta over Narayani coz the long ones look slightly better. Narayani needs some frizz control products and a hair tie

  6. I like Naryani’s top perhaps.. but certainly don’t like the pants. Not sure about Shweta’s outfit..don’t like the see thru bits in the top and don’t like the way I can see the waist of her pants right through it. Like her jewllery though. I thought the bag sought of maked her look as if she was on the run and the look didn’t suit much considering it sounded like a formal event. However.. i am looking at the gu behind her in sweatpants and I don’t really care much now..

  7. I have always liked Shweta’s style, she’s lovely. As for harem pants, would never wear one myself although Shweta looks better cos her top is pretty and Narayani’s just looks like lounge wear

  8. I actually love both the looks. I am a little partial to Shweta’s outfit as well, but I wouldn’t mind wearing what Narayani is as well.

  9. blue and yellow – two contrast colours plus an avant garde pant styling. I think Narayani looks like she tried too hard. Shweta, on the other hand looks comfortable, has picked a block colour for her pants. I think she fares better. Perhaps the hobo bag is to complement the ‘jhalla’ look. Either way, I wouldn’t wear dhoti’s to a brunch. I mean it’s a dhoti after all…enough said.

  10. i would have liked
    -shweta’s pants with a tank minus hobo
    -shweta’s top with jeans
    -naranai’s pants if longer and with her hair under sontrol

  11. ooooh… shweta looks cool… I liked her top to bottom.
    Loved the top. and the color… n kinda started loving white dhoti pants now..
    wud luv to have one my self…


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