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  1. aparna at | | Reply

    ewwww @ esha…. oh my god. she REALLY needs to hire a stylist. all that money and no good clothes! i have never seen her wear something interesting.
    dia, this is a step down for her. but well it’s not that bad. and it is dia!

  2. kara at | | Reply

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Esha’s dress was MUCH better. Although Dia’s face is just gorgeous.

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      I agree, Dia should have had the dress altered, I guess another borrowed outfit.

  3. HeadtoHeels at | | Reply

    I hate both, I can almost see Esha wearing a thin retro styled head-band with hers!

    Dia’s flare is just a little too much and over-whelming!

    Both the ladies haven’t bothered to have their respectives hemmed to suit their height/1

  4. svengali at | | Reply

    Kate Middleton strikes again.

  5. arpitha at | | Reply

    esha should have tyed her hair up into a knot & may have added a hair accesory too.
    Her foundation and liptick should be a shade lighter (Her hands look a different color & her face another color).

    Dia’s gown was a let down mainly because of the fabric at the bust area and she should have added some color thru accesories.

  6. meria at | | Reply

    I think Dia looks unique!

  7. priya at | | Reply

    Agree about the mesh/gauze at the top of the dresses. Maybe bare shoulders would’ve jazzed up their looks a little. Only silver lining is that Esha manages to show off her figure in this dress. The girl seems to have a decent figure (surprise! or maybe it’s been YEARS since I’ve seen a picture of hers).

  8. :) at | | Reply

    Dia’s gown looks gorgeous, if only the bust detail wasn’t so bad, but it is. But it is something we haven’t seen Dia wearing before, seems like she is experimenting.

  9. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    You either have the flair to carry it off or don’t. Dia has it. Esha doesn’t.

  10. l at | | Reply

    dia with and oily face or supershiny makeup?

  11. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Those dress are so so so bad…I hate the bra like part of Dia’s gown and i hate the shiny-ness of Esha’s.

  12. anne at | | Reply


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