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  1. M at | | Reply

    Its not a print I’d go for but Deepika looks gorgeous and her make-up/hair is flawless.

  2. Preeti at | | Reply

    she luks sexy and her style looks so effortless
    she is definitely a casual chic

  3. apeksha at | | Reply

    easy breezy .. she is more a thong sandal kinda gal.. can someone pls id that gorgeous watch and shades

  4. anon at | | Reply

    Looks like a nightgown to me.

  5. Khushi at | | Reply

    Oh DP! Is there anything you don’t look hot in? Sigh!

  6. soniya at | | Reply

    imagine someone wearing this dress on the street..she’ll for sure get everyone’s attention!!

  7. Senorita at | | Reply


  8. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    Love the maxi that she is wearing..I really want one like this.. maybe with a different print.. the ones that are available are either strapless or with plunging necklines.. or horizontal stripes :((

    1. ash at | | Reply

      I agree! I am unable to find a maxi dress too. Most ar beachy looking. This one is perfect.

  9. SS at | | Reply

    I am usually not envious of movie stars, they seem to be struggling to maintain a facade most of the time, they look plastic, and poor souls, some of them look like they never eat. But this woman? Can’t say the same thing about her. She makes me green with envy. She makes it look so effortless and fun. She doesn’t seem to be posing for the camera like most actors do. I can even picture her growing old gracefully. Green, woman. You make me green.

    1. nc at | | Reply

      haha.well said

    2. katkall at | | Reply

      +1 on what you said. I am watching ‘Om Shanti Om’ right now, its on TV, and she’s so good in it. Even Sridevi called her perfect in an interview.

    3. ash at | | Reply

      She is truly a star and naturally so. I always think that too. And does not come off as fake – love that about her!!

  10. Veenu at | | Reply

    This girl can do no wrong. And the thong sandals that she is favoring is a great trend to start. Loving it…

  11. sonia at | | Reply

    great look!
    and i love the fact that she loves flats…..so laid back n effortless…..love!
    and yeah the print is something which would look good just on her and thats coz she has an amazing figure and can carry off big prints quite well!

  12. karishma at | | Reply

    she is looking gorgeous.

  13. wtf? at | | Reply

    Gosh that smile just made my heart stop! Like the maxi, she looks so effortlessly laid back.

  14. Ananyaa at | | Reply

    Simple yet so chic..Loving the black nails,the stacked bracelets and the glares :) Perfect :D I think the tan flats don’t look as bad either,She makes it work. And that oh-so gorgeous smile :)

  15. hetal at | | Reply

    seriously !!!!! she luks gud in everythin ……… gorgeous ….. ne gal wud die for her luks n fig n smile !!!!

  16. Pritha at | | Reply

    Can some tell me where is the dress from? Absolutely love the Print

    1. soniya at | | Reply

      its from thakoon! she is wearing thakoon lilac off white maxi dress!

      1. reena at | | Reply

        Where can I find it? Is there like a name to this dress or like what collection its from?

  17. Pritha at | | Reply

    Hey can some someone recognise where the dress is from, absolutely love the whole look.

  18. dn at | | Reply

    So cool and comfy, I want to head to the beach! Love it!!

  19. neha at | | Reply


  20. Deepti at | | Reply

    Anyone ID the dress?

  21. pri at | | Reply

    DP sure makes it looks like you don’t need to wear heels all the time , especially if you have a decent height. Love, love this look! Thong sandals are so much more summer than pumps. Can’t fathom why more women prefer to wear heels everyday.

  22. Trishna at | | Reply

    Can someone id the dress and exact thongs please :)

  23. Vaishali M. at | | Reply

    LOVE that dress. I Need to have it! Anyone know where it’s from?

  24. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. Really relaxed but still stylish.

  25. Mikaela at | | Reply

    wow! how cool is her hair? she looks sooo adorable :) maxi this time huh.. U go girl, keep surprising us. also love the glares.
    Dee is going from strength to strength.. her fashion sense is so sorted and clear.. there is no room for muddled appearances.

    Ps. hey PnP i just love all those words u use- ‘Dotted’, now ‘Maximised’ very creative.

  26. footsie toots at | | Reply

    big prints look so good on her. next thing i know i am twirling my hair into this hairstyle.. yeah :) just some clips required..

  27. chungachanga at | | Reply

    hey good she didn’t add a purse or bag or anything,, just her elegant self is enough

  28. lavender cake at | | Reply

    from polka dotted shorts to this maxi, good leap. tan thong sandals are good too.

  29. begum at | | Reply

    some people just naturally shine in the spotlight, with their personality. Deepika brings that & much more to the table, her impeccable style are just starters.

  30. bambi eyes at | | Reply

    extra bambi eyeroll!

  31. frikadelka at | | Reply

    Priyanka, u did suggest an alternative colour for the thong sandals!!! now i love u guys more, u actually take care of your readers <3

    for sports people like me who are just making their way into dressing better, this is helpful. I am in track pants & racer backs forever; and get lost when i have to dress up -as i like everything- :)

    btw Deepika u look great and i like you because of your sports background.

  32. katkall at | | Reply

    that smile can put any outfit to another level. beautiful girl. the watch & the bracelets are together,, and not in separate hands, now that’s some personal style hmmm… what is that red bracelet in her left hand it’s seen only in the 2nd pic ?

  33. Liv at | | Reply

    very nice Deepika, keep it up.

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  35. cremebrule at | | Reply

    she looks so good even when she is hiding one of her best assets- her legs.. that’s a very multi-dimensional and confident girl. Maxi time!

  36. hawwtt mama at | | Reply

    so beautiful

  37. Natty at | | Reply

    I have a bedsheet like that print.

  38. chungachanga at | | Reply

    p&p we hostel gals don’t see our comments :(((

  39. lavender cake at | | Reply

    she wore kolhapuris!! simply clever styling…. orange + kolhapuris is very earthy and striking.
    hey that Ranveer guy recently wore kolhas too, with a Zegna suit

    1. lavender cake at | | Reply

      sorry this comment is meant for the McQueen jumpsuit page of Deepika,,, it’s just that she is making soo many appearances back to back.. i have both pages open…

  40. fonsecalive at | | Reply

    yun toh humne laakh haseen dekhe hain, tumsa nahi dekha….

  41. pizza bianca at | | Reply

    kaafi interesting outfit. skirted and thonged!

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