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    These guys are the best…every single garment is so well constructed, so very wearable.

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    Nice and wearable.. but hopefully lighter colours for next time will be great

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    OMG LOOOOOOOVE IT. Love each and every one of these, especially the first. And I love that as haute as they are, your average middle class Indian girl could totally wear these out for a night on the town.

  5. Adit at | | Reply

    I hate the Goth makeup….so unflattering on Indian skin….clothes are nice and wearable..

  6. Sue at | | Reply

    loves it!

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    Boring, boring and boring … Indian designers should stick with what they do best, design indian clothing (Manish Malhotra’s latest collection ROCKS!!!). These guys have taken influence Alexander McQueen and John Galliano and inspite of giving the a twist totally stuffed up the designs/dresses

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    okayish :)

    but we likes the blues :)

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    Very cute collection. Love the makeup as well – for once, the models don’t look like they’re all off to some sangeet right after the show (which is often the case, unfortunately). I’m totally buying a couple of these for my sister.

  10. moni at | | Reply

    I likey

    The best is the 1st row – right side (horizontal stripes)
    grade A

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    nnaaah… me not digging it.. it reminds me of Matrix.. i wonder why

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    ps: By “often the case, unfortunately”, I mean that far too often we have shows with bad makeup and hair, not that far too often we have shows where the models go to sangeets afterwards. :) Just clarifyin’.

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    Its just OK for me. Sure they are wearable and all…but they look pretty uninspired to me. I would totally wear that sweater dress (with the red belt) but again I dont find anything fascinating about this collection.

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    nice & yeah some r actually wearable , me digging

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    I would definitely wear these – maybe not in India but its perfect for a NY fall. The first jacket with the abstract graphics is really nice. And the makeup is not bad – fall colors are supposed to be dark and striking.

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    Absolutely loving the combination of pink & deep blue…. 5th row, right.

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    absolutely love the collection… so chic and wearable! i wish i had all the $$ to buy it hahah

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    love em….

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    where can i buy these? why aren’t they online? I LOVE the first trench… i want it.

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    very flattering. im so amazed by this designer.

    the designs are beautful & modern. its wearable for everyone.

    Rahul Khanna And Rohit Gandhi Collection= A

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    isnt brown so last year?

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    I love it…..awesomely cool! Digging almost all the above…

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