Fab Or Drab?

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We likey. You?


Jia Khan At GQ Magazine Launch

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  1. I think the hair covers the dress……its such an sophisticated dress that an up-do would have worked wonders.
    The make up is definitely not working though.

  2. Hair – C+ ( Too many extensions. Looks like Apsaras from the 70s.)
    Shoes – B (OK)

    rest – B (OK)
    overall – B (i think it the hair that is ruining it for me otherwise I would have given her a B+)

  3. I think she’s midway between drab and fab – okay makeup (approaching Gauri’s fresh/washed-out look, depending on which side you vote on), okay dress (would have been so much better without that jadau-kundan type halter part), and okay shoes too. Do I spy an LV wrist band on her? 🙂

  4. Don’t like anything about this dress – too tight on the chest, not ironed and don’t like the embroidery around the neck. Also her clutch looks likes a makeup case!!

  5. loves it all really… the lack of makeup provides an earthy look? If she put on more make up it would take away from the dress… which, btw, fits her well! It’s a go for moi.

  6. Greasy make-up and her face like she is bored and/ or sad or may be just reluctantly dress-up but would have actually preferred to continue her afternoon nap! 😉


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