1. WTH!!! If someone gave me a sketch pad and asked me to come up with designs…I would probably do these (ok…so they will be shabby drawings, but the ideas will probably be these)…but thats because i am NOT a designer…sleep-inducing seriously!!

  2. Although I think this collection is totally wearable and I like most of the clothes , I agree with you guys that the collection is very ordinary. Specially every political leader and their chamchas (followers) in my place wear the same pajama kurta and half khadi jacket.

    Last lungi-kurta looks like somebody wrapped the bedsheet around their waist in a hurry. (Why was the girl’s brother standing on the door?)

  3. ummm @moni – that’s how lungis are worn, i thought? i like the collection, but i dont think its new – its hard to tell sometimes, since I only manage one trip to India a year, and so I cannot always tell what’s been worn by everyone etc.. right away.. but just judging by the colors and cuts, i feel its nothing remarkably new…

  4. yawn…I agree with the majority of the comments above. Plus some of the stuff looks quite ill fitting…if it doesn’t fit the model how will it looks on us mere mortals? :)

  5. Hey @anita,

    I was commenting on the print but I agree with you that lungis are wrapped the way this guy is wearing.
    Back in the days my Grandpa used to wear madras cotton lungis but this one looks more like a curtain or a bed sheet with such loud prints.

    I think I was being too naughty with my comment.

  6. i dont liek the print that much that he is used in overload in this collection.. its a very subdued collection, but then i can get this anywhere .. not worth a designer label

  7. Very simple designs… i am surprised that there is nothing new about this collection. Each outfit though looks wearable and also looks like something you could buy at your nearest mall.

  8. I like that they have a very relaxed feel to them, designer doesn’t always mean out-and-out-big-name-screaming. @ Tina….couture? Where does that come in??

  9. He has always done great quality…I love his clothes, he does not do fads, but pure and simple fashion, like classics. Did you know that he is the only designer who does not do sales?????All his clothes get sold out….Love him, love his clothes, and he is sooo handsome..

  10. THIS is RR’s signature style, he does not do “Couture” only Pret…so there really isn’t much variation in his silhouettes but the difference is in the attention given to the details. I don’t think he is looking to do dramtic clothing , he lets the Shanes and others to the “every collection is different” ….in my humble opinion!

  11. nothing fresh. original concepts that you’ll find at regular department stores. the designs look effortless and boring.

    the womans line is wearable but nothing new, while the mens line is ok but still nothing new about it.

    Raghuvendra Rathore Collection= D

  12. The only thing I like are the shades on the women.
    Really? omg..he’s so cute…looks like Ashton Kutcher. Why are all the good guys gay?? *sniff sniff*


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