Bag Spotting


Spotted Bipasha Basu at the airport with a Tod’s bag while heading out to Macau for the IIFA awards!

We love Tod’s because it doesn’t scream itself hoarse with monograms, tacky hardware and such! It is understated, restrained and lets its craftsmanship speak for it! In fact, Tod’s D-Bag Media Tote happens to be one of our favorites from its stables!

But having said all that, both Bipasha (her look) and the bag (too-baby-a-pink-color) fall flat in this latest sighting!


Bipasha Basu At Mumbai Airport


Tod’s Provence Sacca Media Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. oh I love the one in beige, sexy yet sophisticated enough.. but $1,495.00 !! :o …
    And may I say I hate bipasha’s black jacket…

  2. um…I sort of think she looks great
    I love leather on her, and I love the hair, and the eyemakeup, and the shoes. Also, I like pink so…
    I do hate those bangles, but that’s about all…

  3. i think she would’ve looked great minus the orange on the shoes. Nice outfit for a flight. And how many passports does she have?!!!! Dang!

  4. i do like the roominess of the bag. even though the overall look doesn’t gel, but at least she’s being practical. I want that bag next time i go travelling!

  5. yes tod’s are classy but please explain those shoes or whatever they are on bipasha’s feet…they are hideous ewww

  6. Aww really, I don’t think so, she looks awesome except for the shoes (they are ok, they just don’t gel with the outfit)

  7. I think she looks really put together and different! Maybe a different style of jeans would have worked better, but that’s all I can point out. Hmm, and her makeup is a plus too; really natural and makes her face glow.

  8. I think the bag, colour and all, looks good on Bipasha. What I don’t get are her shoes and bangles.
    Having said that, I thought medical advice the world over is to avoid such tight clothes and high heels whilst flying- DVT anyone?

  9. looooove the shoes, actually…what a great punch of color! r they zanoti?? that bag is way nicer in other colors such as the nude or ivory.

    • SMM,
      Dang! The wrong season to ask a question about a leather jacket. (Unless, of course you are in the Southern Hemisphere). No idea where you can get her version but you shouldn’t be paying more than 150$ for a brand new one. Better yet, wait for a good sale! ;)

    • kari,
      If you click on the red portion of the Tod’s D bag, it will take you to the original post that contains that bag, this post is about the bag Bips is carrying.

  10. Sorry Payal!! Thought u called this bag the D-bag – FYI – This one is called the G-Bag..
    And since you love the D-bag – the AW 09 season has a new interpretation of the D coming up

  11. She looks so great. Love the shoes, jacket, bag (not the colour I would have picked but it doesn’t look horrible). She should lose the bangles though.

  12. oh my, love the bag in beige & I am not a bag lady! guess with so many passports to carry, she def needs a bag like that!

  13. I think she looks subtle and great,other than her usual over done self.But the clothes look a tad uncofrtable for the flight

  14. they are going on an airplane, which is usually cold, so lets us try to understand their warm weather clothing choices shall we?

  15. LOL at the passport or mini dictionary comment…oh my goodness I just noticed,thank you for bringing my attention to it lol

    I’m so envious of how much the woman has traveled…awesome!


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