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  1. Raveena at | | Reply

    She looks great in both outfits. Wish I knew who designed them.

  2. Su at | | Reply

    Major love??

    1. Sonia at | | Reply

      Make that Super Duper Major!

  3. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Very elegant and classy she looks both the times. I can wear these clothes and I would like know who designed them.

    1. Desimom at | | Reply

      Ditto !!

    2. Fashionvibe at | | Reply


  4. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Both looks are elegant, classic and gorgeous. She looks beautiful!

  5. Liaa at | | Reply

    Absolutely lovely . You can wear that literally anywhere and feel amazing which I am sure she does. Even perfect for summer weddings
    Love love love

  6. Asha at | | Reply

    That’s a LOT of fabric :) jk she looks cool and comfy. I like that she doesn’t feel the need to constantly showcase her great bod in tight clothing.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Agree with this sentence, ‘I like that she doesn’t feel the need to constantly showcase her great bod in tight clothing.’

  7. Senorita at | | Reply

    I actually love these, esp the day look. She looks natural, at ease and very pretty. She’s tall and statuesque enough to really carry off the voluminous silhouettes.

  8. Neha at | | Reply


  9. Himani at | | Reply

    Very classy. Athiya n Alia, both r of same age yet their personalities n dress styles r so different..nt dat m complaining..just a random thot. Alia gives cute teeny vibe whereas Athiya is more lady-like n elegant :)

  10. Kari at | | Reply

    Love both outfits! Will wear them in a heartbeat. She looks great!

  11. Avani at | | Reply

    She is smiling and what a difference it can make. Will take this non designer smiling looks rather than the designer mannequin looks.

  12. khoob at | | Reply

    Can someone id the first designer?

  13. Ali at | | Reply

    Seems rather voluminous for the heat. On another note, how come you haven’t featured Kajol meeting the PM? She looked lovely.

  14. ak at | | Reply

    I think she has a good role model in her mother for desi wear, and thankfully takes after her there. Love both looks, but the latter print had me at block print (and khusse).

    I really like her style – whether it’s playful or sexy, it’s distinct yet subtle, but also always impactful. And that’s a rare combination to be able to strike consistently (and sorely needed in Bwood).

  15. jadine at | | Reply

    Elegant, earthy and pretty.

  16. Sup at | | Reply

    While I like the outfits (especially the second one) and she looks nice, this is not dressing simple!
    There’s yards and yards of fabric there. Maybe it’s just me but simple somehow implies fuss-free. :)

    I would describe how Nandita Das or Shraddha Kapoor dress as simple.

  17. Shaz at | | Reply

    She looks so lovely. Can you please tell us who the designer is

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