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  2. Nick at | | Reply

    That bag is the latest on display at the LV store in my city. The pink dress is nice… the shoes and the clutch a bit too much

  3. debs at | | Reply

    lol…she can buy up the country if she wants…and this is what she wears. :) dunno if its humility or just bad taste.

  4. anokhi at | | Reply

    that purple thing is just so sad

  5. monika at | | Reply

    Horrid bag! Really.
    Other than the match much, the pink suit is very pretty.
    This lady looks so dull, like she hasn’t slept well or something.

  6. anokhi at | | Reply

    *pink (not purple)

  7. jazz at | | Reply

    my GOD! Its not that easy to go wrong with simplicity, but this lady’s done it!

  8. maya at | | Reply

    hey, the bag’s not that bad :)!!

  9. ria at | | Reply

    Oh Guys Take a break. She looks fine. Much better then other Caked up with make up and in your face designer label gals like Avanti Birla, Anu Dewan, Laila Lamba etc.
    She looks like a perfect wife to Mr.Birla.

  10. Shweta at | | Reply

    That bag is the worst thing I have ever seen.

  11. flower child at | | Reply

    i don’t think neerja wants to be known for being fashionable. btw, that vuitton is a horrible bag.

  12. Rita at | | Reply

    I agree with Ria She looks fine. She does not have to compete with those other women.
    Who are trying to flaunt everything they own, She can buy all of them easily. But she remain True to herself and does good humanitarian work rather then showing in every party Caked up with make up and in your face designer label.

  13. Ritu at | | Reply

    I think she looks terrible here but she does look nice on the TV program that Abu-Jaani have. It not all bad all the time.

  14. siddharth at | | Reply

    I dont think a bag can look more cheap than this ROSE louis vuitton bag.. what a total disaster

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