1. Maybe she has the best skin in the business but hours of sessions in front of the mirror doesn’t culminate in the wow-factor these thesedays. How plain jane does she look even in the film JTHJ. Dull, tired… the radiance and freshness her face once exuberated is lost

  2. She’s lost some weight and its showing badly on her face and arms, its a pity because she looked lovely with her previous weight on.
    I like some nice toned arms and shoulders like everyone else but when your face starts to show the weight loss, that’s when you got to stop.

  3. Her face is looking too drawn out these days. I wondered if it was weight loss or tiredness, and I still don’t know.

    I watched MkBkM a couple of weeks ago, and her face looked so much nicer in that! Her appearances even during the promotion for the movie recently had her looking very wan and pale. Maybe she’s just over-worked.


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