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  1. Aania at | | Reply

    Like her look for Patiala house..Something different from the usual

  2. Kat Hakim at | | Reply

    Have to thank Sonam for making Oxfords trendy in India!

    1. Kat Hakim at | | Reply

      …and personally, that is a bloody good thing!

    2. *S at | | Reply

      and also trousers! now I see everyone from anushka to deepika wear them. I remember when sonam wore them first, people said she was wearing grandma pants!

    3. annie at | | Reply

      everyone follows hollywood! the sylist who got sonam’s oxfords probably got anushka’s too. Anushka looks nice but i wish she would bring it up a notch. she has so much potential

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I like the corset look. Wld not have not it would work.

    1. Kat Hakim at | | Reply

      Actually, any body suit would be fab with the trousers, especially one with sleeves

  4. RS at | | Reply

    She is quite a clothes horse, isn’t she? Almost as good as Sonam but in a more casual way and without all that make-up. Also she plays safe but Sonam tries different trends. I guess the title of ‘fashionista numero uno’ still rests with Sonam.

  5. M at | | Reply

    If you cover the face, you’d think both these appearances were Sonam Kapoor.
    Great anyways!

  6. Ratna at | | Reply

    Love her style.

  7. Nat at | | Reply

    This girl lacks originality in her sense of dressing. Fully aping Sonam.

  8. Orchee at | | Reply

    Anushka’s looks seem far more effortless when compared to Sonam, who can look contrived and ‘try-hard’ at times.

  9. ZI at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her second look

  10. Hema at | | Reply

    I’m beginning to like the way this gal dresses…casual, yet elegant.

  11. Natasha at | | Reply

    That’s something I would totally wear – both the looks! And that’s probably why I like her sense of style quite a bit. ;)

  12. Ann at | | Reply

    The fish pendant is from Forever 21.

  13. Sabita at | | Reply

    Anushka is the epitome of effortless. I dont think she apes Sonam, considering Sonam apes Blake Lively and the rest from GG.

    1. ANON at | | Reply

      Agreed, I like Anushka’s style and I don’t think she is copying Sonam. She looks cool, on trend, and chic.

  14. Maze at | | Reply

    I am not a fan of these looks, but I can’t deny she makes them work for her. I really love her natual make-up.

  15. deemelinda at | | Reply

    i really like her look and confidence. her clothes never scream for attention and are quite classy.

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