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  1. $ at | | Reply

    She actually lacks the confident body language..she is new to the industry,so she looks unsure….may be after few years..

  2. NS at | | Reply

    Would love to see her do some androgynous looks. Will suit her much better than these cutesy dresses.

  3. Fi at | | Reply

    She needs a help styling.

  4. Jignesh at | | Reply

    I like the dress but she isn’t doing justice to the dress.

  5. radhika at | | Reply

    I agree Jignesh and FI. Thats a sexy dress. She needs confidence first.

  6. sree at | | Reply

    She needs to find her style niche and also pose more confidently. Everything she wears looks odd and awkward on her.

  7. Madame Maddie at | | Reply

    She looks like a kid forced to grow up too soon. I think we should cut her some slack until she finds her groove.

  8. bareen at | | Reply

    It always looks like she is at the brink of bursting in to tears

  9. Djdj at | | Reply

    She looks sweet and natural – so what is she looks a little awkward and shy? She is young girl, let her evolve at her pace

  10. Sweta at | | Reply

    I actually like the innocence that she exudes :)

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