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  1. slc at | | Reply

    I have previously mentioned that black is not her color. But this time she added bright hues and it suits her. No bling is an added bonus. Hair may be a little boring, but she looks good.

  2. MSR at | | Reply

    she looks good!!!!

  3. Tina at | | Reply

    Her appearances are always such duds:/ given the huge celebrity status and of course the variety of choices that are probably available to her, be it, stylists, clothes, $$, she is one of the worst dressed and uninspired celebrity I see! She looks more suitable for NGO/charity types now , sadly! What a gorgeous woman, such a waste:/

    1. Misha at | | Reply

      Worst dressed and uninspired celebrity = NGO/charity “types”? Very classy critique.

      1. Ursla at | | Reply

        Given that this blog is all about fashion, i keep thinking that maybe you guys should stop featuring ‘boring’ dressers or repetitive dressers like Ash or for that matter Vidya Balan, who march to their own tune and won’t change just becaus you or someone else will feature them in their pages. These are probably not folks who dress purely to draw the attention of blogs like this, like a Sonam Kapoor who revels in the attention she gets and (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that ). We all look forward to the varierty Sonam and Kangana bring to the table!
        But by featuring people like Ash etc you are only encouraging uncouth disparaging comments by purely immature people who pretty much make attacks on a person’s personality rather than pure fashion, so why subject non changers to such undeserving crappy critique, when we can all wait for the day they do wear something different so we can expend our energy critiquing that! Thanks!

        1. gayatri at | | Reply

          Totally agree about Vidya Balan… she’s the last woman celebrity I would want to see so often on a fashion blog.

        2. Puja at | | Reply

          +1 thought.. n well expressed Ursla

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        4. Sui at | | Reply

          you took the words right out of my mouth,mate! VERY WELL SAID!!!

    2. Neha at | | Reply

      Ooo ho ho you made my day.Hard to believe people can come up with such tacky comments.

  4. Prisha at | | Reply

    She looks good. The hair maybe boring but I think she’s just trying to cover her chubby cheeks. And shes allowed to do that!

    1. ohNoOhYes at | | Reply

      I totally agree. I dont thonk it will be a great idea to push herself to wear her hair up or on side. She looks lovely. I like the outfit on her.

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  6. arpitha at | | Reply

    now adays she mostly appears in black and this dress needed different styling, as of now looks boring.

  7. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    nothing new. Yawn. Wake me up when she changes it up!

    1. Gayatri at | | Reply

      agree… yawn!!

  8. monika at | | Reply

    She looks quite nice I must say!! I am glad :)

  9. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    She is glowing!!!

  10. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    Same old… I find her boring these days.

  11. SS2 at | | Reply

    ugly ugly

  12. shradha at | | Reply

    she needed a stylist to do this??!!

  13. gayatri at | | Reply

    I feel that brown hair ages her.. longing to see her with her original black hair.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree. I want her back in her original black hair. But this is better than the orangish tone she had.

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    Her heels look goood. What brand are they?

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