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  1. charan at | | Reply

    Oh gosh! This look had so much potential… all killed by that heavy fabric and the huge hair!
    The fabric makes her look bigger than she actually is… and the dress itself is screaming “tent!”

  2. Senorita at | | Reply

    K, I know am going to get major hate for this, but this reminds me of the dolls with flowing skirts that used to be regular features of middle-class homes back in the 70s. They were used to cover telephones (don’t ask me why, since so few homes had phones in those days!) — only the lord knows what Ash is hiding under that voluminous skirt!

  3. crab at | | Reply

    I cringe as I look at her. She looks awful. The dress is so unflattering. Why, Aishwarya, why?! What spell have Abu Jaani cast on you that you agreed to this? You could have walked into some store in a local bazaar and picked a better outfit.

  4. ehigh at | | Reply

    oh Gosh Abu Jani and Sandeep Ghoshla – _-
    on a different note did Sonam just pack up and go home? why aren’t we seeing any more of her looks after the Chopard party?

    1. nisha b at | | Reply

      Yes she’s back to Mumbai. P & P you should do a post on her airport look..she looked good.

    2. apeksha at | | Reply

      i guess .. with Ash stepping in .. loreal must have asked sonam to leave to avoid any embarrassing face off :-)

  5. Amber at | | Reply

    I love it! Not a an of Abu and Sandeep but this really works on her. Having seen her hair up in the sari I know why she prefers her hair down

  6. karishma at | | Reply

    i think she looks beautiful and i love the smoky eye make up.

  7. kayennat at | | Reply

    Oh dear, Ash really needs to step away from Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla!!! Their clothes do not flatter her in any way and she always looks awful when dressed by the duo. Such a beautiful woman, it’s as if the people who dress her really hate her!

  8. KJ at | | Reply

    I like it actually. Kudos to her for wearing white, which mostly makes one look big but she makes it work. The hair looks good also.

  9. shivani at | | Reply

    She really should stop wearing abu-sandeep clothes

    1. charan at | | Reply

      Abu-sandeep clothes worn by Twinkle are usually so good. It must have something to do with “personal” choice :)

  10. RS at | | Reply

    She looks like a ghost in a hindi horror movie. Enough said.

    1. Resham at | | Reply

      Totally Agree!

  11. just me at | | Reply

    …Aaaaand we’re done with the good run? Started with that brocade-gold atrocity and hope it’s peaked with this one and she gets back with the next look. But that hair – it looks like it would not budge even the in the face of a hurricane! Her stylist needs to go waaaayyyyy easy on that styling spray.

    I don’t get the Abu Sandeep fixation! Is it some penance/pratigya type of thing – she has to wear one dreadful Abu Sandeep costume per event or else…

  12. Pri at | | Reply

    Distrarous!!!!! Ugly….and absolutely unflattering…

  13. P at | | Reply

    heyy Ash! mrs dsouza from bandra called.. she wants her table cloth back!!

    no but seriously looks like a curtain threw up on her.. even though its better than the black saree she did earlier..

    1. agar at | | Reply

      wow Dsouza Aunty must be really rich to own such exquisite table cloth…could you pls ask her if she knows what the embroidery is called !

      1. wtf? at | | Reply

        No she doesn’t she picked it up at chor bazar for 100 bucks. Which is probably where Abu Sandeep must have picked up the vintage material for this enormous doily.

        1. crab at | | Reply

          Funniest comment thread in recent times. Mrs. Dsouza and her doily…LOL

          1. SushiQ at |

            Mrs Dsouza . . , LOL

  14. dn at | | Reply

    AB+SP= Tent (atleast for ARB)

    This is slightly better than the gold creations they make for her, but with that terrible hair, she actually looks scary in some Getty pictures. And I did not think I would use Ash and scary in the same sentence ever. And to think she and Marion Cotillard are around the same age!

  15. glycerine at | | Reply

    Dear god, I she feels the need to cover up, then why not cover up in some light, airy fabric? Instead of this heavy over embellished dress?

  16. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Hmm not her best but it’s a little less jarring then the other suits she wears of that duo. So I will be happy with just that

  17. and at | | Reply

    Ash dear you are looking so gorgeous and well toned why hide behind such dress. Personally i dont mind this dress just thought Ash should now open up ..that said i dont think she looks bad at all or the dress.

  18. A at | | Reply

    I actually don’t mind this subdued look. Maybe something should have been done with the hair, but on the plus side it’s not as extravagent and blingy as the usual Abu Sandeep outfit.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Agree. I dont mind the outfit but she could have gone with a soft romantic updo or greecian type waterfall braid to soften up the look.

  19. PIYALI at | | Reply

    If she wanted to do Indian she could have gone with a saree which would have been elegant ( if styled normally) …Indian women do not move around in tents like these . She looks like one of those puja pandals covered up top to bottom in yards of cloth…..such a beautiful woman but unfortunately brought down always by her sartorial choices. God bless her!

  20. divya at | | Reply

    i don’t why pnp has proble with abu and sandeep.i actually like t
    the exquisite delicate embroidery, the summery hues are so refreshing.

  21. lila at | | Reply

    yet another disgusting outfit from AbuJani and Sandeep Ghosla. Terrible choice. The Bacchan family need to find some new designers.

  22. ispy at | | Reply

    hahah what a joke ….nice floral tent she has got right there …disaster …..anu jani clothes don’t work on her at all ….only some one like a tabu can carry them off !

  23. Ruby at | | Reply

    I actually dont mind this compared to that horrible black/gold brocade she wore earlier but yeah its a bit tent like……..

  24. slc at | | Reply

    I am not the biggest fan but Abu J and Sandeep K have created some very beautiful, tasteful designs. We have all witnessed other celebs looking quite good in their designs as well. I think it’s a matter of taste and Ash lacks that. She chooses the most elaborate Abu-Sandeep outfit and covers herself with it from her head down to her toes. This was just bad taste on Ash’s part. I will take Vidya and her Sabya sarees over and over again. But I must ad Ash’s make-up is really pretty.

  25. farrah at | | Reply

    Her face has COMPLETELY changed. I can’t even recognize her in half the pics from her Cannes rendezvous. This is not the woman who carries the “most beautiful woman” title. At least she’s not that anymore from any angle. She’s become one of those aunties whom you can imagine being super gorgeous once upon a time.

  26. shradha at | | Reply

    I don’t think Ash cares what anyone has to say about her dress sense-pretty evident from the similar ghastly, voluminous outfits she picks time after time

  27. Natty at | | Reply

    Big question, how can one tell if that’s an anarkali and not a gown?

    1. Enne at | | Reply

      lol, exactly. If she’s wearing a pjami under there, i’m really wondering why?!!

  28. hmm at | | Reply

    i love the dress, i think she looks great..its different ..

  29. Alltheprettycolors at | | Reply

    OMG,why is she wearing a dress made out of old sofa cushion covers? Has she taken a vow to dress horribly all the time?

  30. S at | | Reply

    Abu – Sandeep outits have a great knack for making her look huge – 2 sizes bigger than what she is. One look at the picture and I knew it was their monstrosity. Even her body language is a particular way when she wears them. I guess she is trying to look thinner somehow. Poor Aish. She was so pretty and so comfortable in the Elie Saab. There was a marked difference in her confidence. I guess at some level you always know how you’re looking and that reflects on the face.

  31. arpitha at | | Reply

    i think she had to choose an AJ-SK because the bachans r so close with them.
    she looks ‘ok’, nothing great.
    hair tied up is aging her, so prefer this hairstyle.

  32. zeeniebb at | | Reply

    I think this could have been a good look if this was a shorter (maybe right above the knee) kurta with churidaar and maybe shorter sleeves. Right now she is drowning in that heavy fabric.

    I also have a question regarding anarkalis. This just looks like a long dress to me. Why the need to wear churidar/pajama underneath? This question always comes to my mind when I see people wearing anarkalis…more specifically the really heavy Abu-Sandeep or MM types.

  33. jay at | | Reply

    wow what a lovely persian carpet she is wearing… competing with the red carpet are you?

    1. dumbo at | | Reply


  34. bongbabe at | | Reply

    hai raaaam!

    this is a WTHEYYY for me. how can you tell its an anarkali? where is the pajama? where is the dupatta? it looks like a really ugly gown. a TENT shaped gown.

    i am not making this up – when we were kids we used to have a table cloth like this that my mom used to love and i used to hate.

    and the less said about the cake makeup the better.

  35. bongbabe at | | Reply

    ok i take back my original comment. i saw a close up of the tent fabric as worn by aishwariya. my mother’s table cloth was NOTHING as tacky and blingy as this ****.

    sorry, mum!

  36. SushiQ at | | Reply

    Khosla ka Ghosla ;)

    1. sonal at | | Reply

      ha ha! anarkali or gown. whatevvver, this is a bad idea. metres of clothing swathing does not make you look any thinner aish.

  37. Enne at | | Reply

    these abu jani sandeep khosla people can NOT be proud of sending her there in that outfit. not cool…
    I saw pics on other sites where I still hate the dress, but her hair and makeup is actually very pretty here.

  38. Sara at | | Reply

    Sigh…she looked so pretty in the Mumbai airport pictures with Aradhya and her mom when she was traveling. She is the one woman in the planet who looks stunning without makeup and she chooses a ton of make up that does not even flatter. Forget about the terrible dress and the really artificial hair; the worst thing about this look is the eye make up. I saw some close up photos in another site, and she has SOOO much black eyeline / kajal on (maybe a combination), you can barely see her eyes anymore. Why do stars do this to themselves? I bought 2 printed silk sarees for just Rs 2000 each from Kumaran stores (in Chennai) and i swear, they are a million times prettier than anything Ash or Vidya wore. Sorry for the rant!

  39. Orchee at | | Reply

    This look made me recall Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy at the Met Ball.

    She deserves so much better.

    I know Aish thinks she’s beyond fashion (she said so in an interview) but why not hire someone who can give her actual advice?

  40. lavender cake at | | Reply

    and again and again, i want to scream, there is a JJ Valaya out there Aishwarya (i think you walked the ramp for him too- if i am not mistaken). Now he would bring out her subtlety oh so well

  41. allwyn at | | Reply

    She Looks stunning as ever in AJSK…the hair shld hv been tied up……table cloth laage ya aur kuch…Ajsk makes everyone look stunning…… :)

  42. psudo at | | Reply

    I personally think she looks exquisite it this floral lace gown .. and at-least shes not trying to hide behind a black curtain like her previous look ie sabya!!!
    and the fresh colours work quite well for this time of the year!!
    my only gripe is the hair being so flat!!!!

  43. ritika at | | Reply

    YECHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. why does she keep doing this to herself? first that D&G copy sari, where she looked like Hema Malini; and now this lantern. grossssssss. the black white and elie saab look were wonderful!
    seeing the clothes these ladies are wearing in Cannes, people will really wonder if such crap is what India has to offer fashion wise. There should be a censor board for these “representatives” of India, when they go abroad.

  44. SNEHA at | | Reply

    I never thought I would say this, but she should take cue from her Mother-in-law for her graceful appearances at the recent events. At least she wears something else apart from the ghastly tents from Abu-Sandeep. Loved her Gatsby styling,great hair, smile and pretty sari :)

  45. Neha Writes at | | Reply

    It looks like she is wearing an old curtain. So disappointed with the look!

  46. lovefashion545 at | | Reply

    this pic shown to a dead can make it come alive or vice versa…..HORRENDOUS and i think the duo designers shud retire
    Ash in a way has definitely brushed the dust of the red carpet while walking….its simply like an allergy over her

  47. Nits at | | Reply

    She is super confident in whatever she wears. I admire her for that.

  48. forhhc at | | Reply

    She is trying to hide her chubby cheeks with that hairstyle and same with her dress – hiding the gain in weight – but its having the opposite effect

  49. A at | | Reply

    I’ve seen close up pics of her make up and dress. The make up is absolutely flawless so don’t even go there criticizing her make up. The work on the dress is so intricate and beautiful when you see it close up. I have a feeling this dress looks better in person than it actually photographs.

    1. psudo at | | Reply

      So true!!!

  50. KS at | | Reply

    its makes me wonder when people …….ooo so fashionable call and exquisite garment , beautifully embroidered with such magical material ……sound like a cloth!!! its good to have an option but seriously on something you are aware of!!!! otherwise its shouting out for no good reason :) i love the gown :) and the site calls it anarkali !!! ABU JANI SANDEEP KHOSLA , WEAVES MAGIC ….PERIOD .

  51. KM at | | Reply

    I’m all for brand loyalty, but Ash needs to step away from Abu/Sandeep. Looks like a teepee – waiting for a tomahawk to fly from under it.

  52. lilith at | | Reply

    THE TAJ MAHAL/////

  53. vee at | | Reply

    Another day, another Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla for Aishwarya. It looks great, though. I agree about the hair.

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